Weizhong open source Schedulis 0.6.0 version released


Schedulis is a workflow task scheduling system based on LinkedIn's open source project Azkaban. The scheduling system has financial-level features such as high performance, high availability (decentralized multiple scheduling centers and multiple actuators) and multi-tenant resource isolation; it has now been integrated into the data application development portal DataSphere Studio.

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Schedulis 0.6.0 new version features


Feature enhancement

Scheduling strategy/function expansion 

  • A new workflow cycle execution scheduling strategy is added to support the serial cycle execution of the workflow, while supporting a wealth of failure and alarm strategies, which is suitable for the workflow that needs to run batches continuously.

  • A new scheduling strategy for historical batch re-running is added, which supports workflow re-running based on historical dates or a certain period of time in history. At the same time, it provides rich time configuration methods, efficient concurrency capabilities, and alarm methods.

  • Added multiple-dimensional scheduling switches. System-level switches can turn off the scheduling function of the entire system, and workflow-level scheduling switches can turn off scheduling for a certain workflow.

Workflow parameters 

  • Supports displaying a certain runtime parameter in the execution history table on the page when the workflow is running, which is convenient for distinguishing different batches of the workflow with the same name.

  • The system built-in variable definition method supports definition and use in properties.

UI interaction optimization 

  • Supports quick retrieval of LinkisJobId and YARNId in user logs.

  • Support one-click zoom in the workflow structure diagram, optimize the layout of the workflow, and display time information.

02  bug fix

  • Fix the problem that the page configuration alarm mailbox does not take effect when using email alarms.

  • Fix the problem that opendj related packages cannot be included in dependencies when packaging.

03 Future Outlook

Schedulis 0.6.0 version focuses on solving the imperfections of the existing version in the workflow scheduling strategy. It provides two scheduling strategies of historical rerun and cyclic execution. At the same time, it is more convenient and flexible in parameter definition display and scheduling functions, and optimized The existing UI in the workflow is more crowded; in subsequent versions, we will provide advanced features such as event-driven and dynamic task fragmentation. At the same time, the existing system is optimized in terms of architecture. More containerization features are introduced in terms of ease of use, failover, and elastic scaling to enrich cloud-native scenarios. I hope to work together with the community students and contribute to Schedulis.

04Cloud    Resources

Dependency and configuration of the project jobtype plugin , package download link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1V0pyhzwRCNdVgDhkNYWUhQ 

Extraction code:  hcnk  (due to the large size of the file, it is placed on the network disk for management)

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