Practical development tutorial of gas station membership management applet 10

In the previous article, we introduced the functions of calculating distance and navigating to the store. In this article, we introduce the functions of today's oil price.

If we want to display the latest data on a daily basis, we first need a data source to store daily oil price data. When it comes to data sources here, you need to consider whether your data is only entered one piece, or one piece is entered every day.

It is relatively simple to enter one, but there is a problem that if I want to make that kind of oil price trend chart in the future, because you have not accumulated historical data, there is no way to analyze it.

That is more reasonable to enter one entry per day.

In order to store data, we first need to design a data source. This data source is relatively simple. We only need to add it as our field according to our prototype table.

Because it is just a display, then we can consider the name as a text type, and we can design the gas station price and market price as a digital type.

Log in to the console, create a new data model, and enter a name

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Click the edit button to enter the add field mode

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Click Add Field and enter a name

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Continue to enter the gas station price

insert image description here
Then enter the market price

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