Gas Station Team Profile

Our team is made up of three individuals, although not the top players in the class, but the strength can not be underestimated, they are

1. Xue Pu strong sense of team, likes to explore, have their own ideas and logic, good communication and learning, with the hope that through this team can play to their maximum advantage, and learn more new knowledge, their ability to exercise 

2. Chen Qi 21 men strong communication skills, good with people and have a strong team spirit, the ability to think independently, hoping to enhance their programming skills through this cooperation.

3. High Shuainan 21 years old and students like to discuss issues, like thinking brains, love software engineering. We want to work through this team, a deeper understanding of software development, and enhance the friendship between the students, broaden their horizons, so that the programming become their own interests.

  Software topics we have chosen, work camp. Although the software APP current class is learning a lot, but it is different, our team do my best, and strive to achieve in their own software capabilities of the best he can solve the problem is:

1, solves the job submission between teachers and students, work to change the trial, the wrong question to explain other issues

2, app into student and teacher terminal end, the teacher side can publish online job tasks, work with the trial to see change, job evaluation solved due to the outbreak job correcting the problem.

Of course, similar to our own software is still a lot of APP, for example, in recent years more popular camera software title search, title search small ape, job help and so on. From an objective point of view, these software are specifically crafted the company's professional staff, so that either from the app interface and functionality above all very good, powerful, but can also be found in the software and not teachers and students interactive functions , for example, a fixed teacher assignments to see student answer circumstances. So in the face of the software in order to have the customer, you must be beautiful to attract customers interface with powerful features to retain customers. First, let's try it with students around the teacher, continuous improvement, some teachers were again recommended

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