Free WeChat electronic membership card applet, realize member management through WeChat, button onclick=myFunction()

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The WeChat membership card is a perfect combination of WeChat and membership cards. Users can scan the WeChat QR code to become a store member. You can also check the membership card points, card balance, card consumption records, store information, and coupon information on WeChat. Many WeChat users are your potential customers.

We all know that members can enjoy many special treatments. The traditional membership card is troublesome and easy to lose, and needs to be reissued. Now you can apply for membership directly on WeChat. You only need to submit the information for membership electronic card application. There are many functions waiting for us to experience. Let’s take a look at the WeChat membership card recharge system with the editor.

In small and medium-sized physical stores, maintaining customers has become a difficult task. Various methods have been exhausted. The cost is relatively high and time-consuming, such as: usual discounts and promotions, holiday marketing activities, customer birthday activities, recommendations Become a member to give gifts and other activities, even if you have done so much with your heart, but it has not achieved the expected effect. The number of shops that can achieve the effect is extremely small, and customers are still losing.

The WeChat electronic membership card applet solves the unfamiliar relationship between stores and customers, so that customers no longer lose a lot. WeChat membership card function, you can easily make counter cards, stored-value cards, time-limited cards, and equity cards. When customers consume, customers can become shop members and enjoy discounts by scanning the QR code of the store and scanning the QR code registration information. price.

At the same time, it also supports merchants to recharge customers. After the recharge, the customer’s WeChat membership card will display the available balance and recharge records simultaneously.

Using WeChat as a stored-value card system will be able to get rid of the shackles of paper physical cards. Using WeChat membership card as a stored value, customers can see their membership card balance by turning on their mobile phones, and check the card balance and usage records at any time. Let customers have a clearer grasp of their consumption.

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