Disposed relative path Source Insight 4.0

For example, in the D drive has two Firmware Engineering 51

There are several folders to store program files, project files in the Project folder, which is where the whole Firmware files are useful.

Keil project file location.

Here you can double-click to open the project Template.uvproj, so be prepared to establish here SI project folder. So easy to keep clicking to open the SI project. Results are as follows

After this point we continue to open the keil project into the folder Project.si4project

Then open SI project Project.siproj files on OK.

Here is the process

First Open Source insight4.0 software, new projects

Set SI project name and location, pay attention to the stowed position SI project settings, such as the above told me to put the Project folder inside, so the path is set as shown in the figure.

After clicking OK, take a look at Project folder more than a folder

This time display

It says the entire firmware inside the folder has several source files, so the main location is the Firmware folder. Remove \ Project as follows.

After clicking OK, Project.si4project folder below generate some files. as follows

Software to this next step

Click Add Tree

Click OK to join Firmware folder of .c and .h files

Click to Close

Open one of the files main.c

Project.si4project folder below to write something and added a cache folder

Set Path

Modify D: \ Firmware is .. \ Firmware Click OK

At this pop-up boxes, Project.si4project there is no Backup folder, is not to create? Select Yes!

Close project

Files generated Project.siwork

Close Source Insight software. Cut the Firmware folder to the desktop to see results.

Double-click Project.siproj opens, prompting main.c can not find the D drive, because we are cut up, but have also opened up main.c so the software generates a usage record, here and click OK.


And then view the path to Project -> Project Settings

It is the desired result. To end here.




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