Easily develop 3D visualization and build a new world of digital twin ThingJS

  1. Based on unified platform data management
  2. 3D visualization facilitates understanding and expression

Introduction: The people, things and events in the physical world are completely mapped to the virtual world.
Through intelligent processing, the Digital Twin can comprehensively monitor and master the physical world. By establishing a connection between the virtual world and the physical world, the physical system can be controlled. Real-time optimization. Therefore, the physical world and the virtual world coexist and blend with reality.

The ThingJS online platform is committed to meeting the needs of different businesses and different application scenarios, easily developing 3D visualization, and becoming a new "open way" for digital twin smart scenarios!

1. Based on unified platform data management

The Digital Twin constructs a digital world that is completely mapped to the physical world and has strong interaction with physical entities. To realize the digital twin, the real-time data of sensor operation and update must be used to feed back to the digital system, and then realize the simulation process in the virtual space. In other words, various sensing technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT) are inevitable conditions for the realization of digital twins.

The digital twin application mainly originated in the aerospace industry and has been widely used in the industrial field. In addition, digital twins have also developed in the field of urban construction. IoT devices transfer data from all corners of the city to the digital twin platform to provide decision-making support for urban operation and governance.

In the digital twin city, the information collected by sensors at regular intervals needs to be transmitted over the network, and is integrated with the Internet through various wired and wireless networks, so that the object information can be accurately transmitted in real time. In the process of continuous dynamic transmission, the system needs to adapt to various heterogeneous networks and protocols to ensure the correctness and timeliness of data. Therefore, unified platform data management is extremely important.

The ThingJS online development platform realizes the unified integration of platform data, enables free interaction of user information, authority management, and data information, unified management of 3D project release, and greatly reduces development costs.

2. 3D visualization is conducive to understanding and expression

The digital twin is like an "executor", starting with design, models and data, building a "digital twin", perceiving and optimizing physical entities, and at the same time promoting the update and iteration of sensors, design software, the Internet of Things, and new technologies.

The 3D visualization scene provides structured model data, which is more conducive to the understanding and expression of digital twin technology. The ThingJS online platform presents the digital twin through a graphics engine and multi-level real-time rendering, providing a vivid expression, allowing non-computer professionals to fully understand the application of smart scenarios, and helping to popularize the digital twin technology.

The 3D technology engine supports multi-level access, from the earth to the campus, from the room to the equipment, and so on, so as to realize the fusion of all elements of the scene. Platform development capabilities include but are not limited to:

1. Three-dimensional scene visualization. Visualize based on ontology attributes such as roads, underground pipelines, terrain, vegetation, water systems, buildings, and indoors;

2. Data visualization. Dynamically present changes in data, indicators, etc. in the form of data views;

3. Visualization of business logic. For specific industries such as industrial manufacturing, transportation, and fire protection, it provides visual rendering of business management and business processes, and splits business process logic based on industry research and business work types.

The ThingJS online platform is committed to meeting the needs of different businesses and different application scenarios, easily developing 3D visualization, and becoming a new "opening method" for digital twin smart scenarios!

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3D city large-screen visualization application
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