Constructing the city's three-dimensional information model (CIM) and digital twin city visualization technology excellent ThingJS

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  1. Construction of a city three-dimensional information model (CIM)
  2. Visualization of digital twin cities

Introduction: The full realism of the digital twin makes the real-time and visualization of the whole state of the city, as well as the coordination and intelligence of city management decision-making and services. This is the vision and motivation of the digital twin city. The prerequisite for building a new smart city is inseparable from city modeling and visualization capabilities.

Digital twins originated from the manufacturing industry (the industry said it originated from the Apollo project of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)) and is used for product lifecycle management, which is what we often call a digital model. A digital model is not equal to a digital twin. It is just a visual object mapped to a physical entity. If there is no more data, there will be no magical effect of the digital twin.

1. Construction of a city three-dimensional information model (CIM)

To build a new type of smart city, build a digital twin of the city, and create a city-level overall digitalization are the prerequisites for city-level smartness.

Compared with the existing smart city solution, it is only a technical patch on the existing city system. Because the existing smart city practice is rooted in a certain part or stage of the city, it cannot accumulate data with panoramic value and cannot reflect the full picture and reality of the city system. State; and the digital twin city belongs to full realism, a virtual city that maps one-to-one, cooperates and interacts with the physical city.

The Urban Three-dimensional Information Model (CIM) is the technical solution of Uni-ThingJS to perfect the digital twin . It includes elements of building information, geographic information, new street scenes, and real-life 3D. The urban building information model (BIM) is also used as the urban 3D An important part and foundation of the information model (CIM), covering many fields such as building control, fire piping, structural units, structural analysis, heating and ventilation, electrical, structure, construction management, etc., used for building operation and maintenance and related municipal engineering planning .

The urban information model (CIM) based on digital twin technology has become an important foundation of smart cities. Its core is around the end-to-end management and operation of global data, including data collection, access, governance, integration, lightweight, visualization, and application.

Next, we were able to enter the interactive mode of the digital world and the physical world.
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2. Visualization of digital twin cities

This stage is completed with the help of Internet of Things technology. According to the needs of urban municipal administration, transportation, community, security and other fields, sufficient data collection equipment such as sensors and cameras are installed and arranged to conduct dynamic and accurate data collection.

As a practitioner of the "last mile" presented by the Internet of Things technology, ThingJS independently researches and develops the digital twin visualization development components, and presents the capabilities of the digital twin through multi-level real-time rendering of the graphics engine. Without visual presentation capabilities, it is difficult for mass users to understand the technical logic behind the digital twin city.

Digital twin city visualization can not only render a grand and open city panorama, but also magnify the local features of geographic information, and achieve multi-level real-time rendering from the whole city scene to the city details. It supports large screen, desktop, web, mobile, Multi-terminal integrated display on the XR device end meets the needs of different services and application scenarios. The 3D city application template display of ThingJS (。

Case: Visual template of educational resources in Miyun District, Beijing
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