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Introduction: The Chinese government regards digital twin cities as a necessary way and effective means to realize smart cities. With the help of digital twin technology, the construction of digital twin cities will greatly change the face of the city and reshape the urban infrastructure. If digital twin technology is to be widely used at the city level, the key step is to improve the model and data.

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  1. The "digital twin" technology behind science fiction
  2. City digital model and global big data

In the book "Digital Twins", the author Chen Gen once described: "Digital twin technology is the cornerstone of the future physical industry and a disruptive technology for product lifecycle management, whether it is in the manufacturing, construction, or aerospace fields. , There will be revolutionary changes due to digital twin technology. There is no doubt that digital twin technology is a revolution in the new production factors of modern industry."

The economic foundation determines the superstructure, and the revolution in production factors undoubtedly interprets the important position of digital twin technology in the market economy, but it once only existed in science fiction films.

1. The "digital twin" technology behind science fiction

"Sky Traveler" is a well-known sci-fi romance film. Everyone boarded a spacecraft and went to the space colony home planet No. 2 during the flight. During the flight, they would freeze for 120 years. When the male protagonist wakes up, facing the risk of paralysis or even crashing of the spacecraft’s operating system, he begins to risk his life to rescue the crisis... I don’t know if you have noticed that the spacecraft operating system based on digital twins exudes fascinating charm. Is it the eye-catching means of the movie?
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In fact, the "digital twin" in science fiction films is quickly becoming a reality. What exactly is a digital twin that sounds like a god? What kind of functions can it achieve? How to create a digital twin city?

Digital twins are specifically represented as a technical means to digitally create virtual objects of physical entities, and use data and algorithm models to simulate, verify, predict, and control the entire life cycle of physical entities. Digital twin cities are an important carrier for realizing digital governance and developing digital economy.
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2. City digital model and global big data

To be widely used at the city level, the establishment of a complete digital model is the first step. The digital twin city is based on the city information model (CIM) that is data-driven, virtual-real interaction, foresight, and symbiosis, which enables digital cities and real cities to be planned and constructed simultaneously. A complete digital twin requires model + data + software, and ThingJS provides a series of visual development components for the Internet of Things to make your digital twin visual development easy.

Adding more data is the key to the next step. From isolated data sets to data integration from various channels, from solutions in a single field to unified solutions in various fields, the accumulation of big data in the entire city provides platforms, tools and tools for comprehensive urban decision-making, intelligent management, and global optimization. means. So far, it is possible for the digital twin city to realize self-organization and self-decision.

A digital twin city is a virtual city that maps, interacts, and interacts intelligently with the physical city. According to the decision-making instructions made by the digital twin, it can react to the physical space of the city. In the near future, after the digital twin has surpassed all technical obstacles and broke through the shackles of the objective environment, the digital city and the real city will eventually realize the "virtual and real interaction" digital twin city, and the simultaneous construction of "virtual and real".

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