How to construct the technical scenario of digital twin city governance? ThingJS

  1. From the aspect of infrastructure construction, improve the level of urban management and monitoring
  2. Achieve key scene management, and an intelligent model is beginning to take shape
  3. Big data builds the urban brain and has gone through three stages of development
1. From the aspect of infrastructure construction, improve the level of urban management and monitoring

To realize the digital twin, the real-time data from sensor operation and update must be fed back to the digital system, and then the simulation process in the virtual space is realized. In other words, various sensing technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT) are inevitable conditions for the realization of digital twins. Uni-ThingJS provides online visual development components and has been leading the field of digital twin technology development.

Urban management and social governance scenarios For infrastructure construction, through the deployment of end-side identification and various sensors, monitoring equipment, the use of two-dimensional code, RFID, 5G and other communication technologies and identification technology, the urban underground pipeline network, multi-functional information City facilities such as poles, charging piles, smart manhole covers, smart trash cans, drones, cameras, etc. realize global perception, network sharing, full-time modeling, and full-process control to improve urban water conservancy, energy, transportation, weather, ecology, and environment And other key all-element monitoring levels and maintenance control capabilities. In other words, the relationship between digital twins and Internet of Things (IoT) technology is very strong (recommended to understand this article: " The strong connection between digital twins and the underlying accompanying technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT) ").

2. Realize key scene management, and the primary intelligent mode is beginning to take shape

The Internet of Things (IoT) technology fully participates in the infrastructure construction of the digital twin city. With the continuous optimization of the model + data, a large amount of information is formed. Therefore, the digital twin can combine the data collection of the Internet of Things, the processing of big data and the artificial intelligence. Modeling and analysis to realize decision management of key scenarios.

For key scenarios such as urban traffic dispatching, social management, emergency command, etc., through the big data model simulation based on the data twin system, refined data mining and scientific decision-making, the issuing of command and dispatching instructions and public decision-making monitoring, fully realizing dynamic, scientific and efficient , Safe city management. The operation of any social events, urban components, and infrastructure will be presented in the digital twin system in real time and multi-dimensionally. For major public safety incidents, fires, floods and other emergencies, relying on the digital health system to complete problems in seconds Discovery and command decision-making to achieve "one-point trigger, multi-party linkage, orderly scheduling, reasonable division of labor, and closed-loop feedback."

You Nu ThingJS provides 3D city visualization application templates, and the combination of 2D data panel + 3D scene makes the visualization of city resources more comprehensive. Use ThingJS development platform ( ) docking with real-time data sources for business decision-making in city-related management scenarios.
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3. Big data builds the urban brain and has gone through three major development stages

Digital twin city is the widespread application of digital twin technology at the city level. Through the construction of a one-to-one correspondence between the urban physical world and network virtual space, a complex giant system that maps and interacts with each other, a matching and corresponding "twin" is recreated in the network space. city". Intelligent applications based on urban big data are emerging in an endless stream. The urban intelligent operation command center represented by Hangzhou City Brain has become the main representative of the primary intelligent city governance model. From the perspective of the development process, it has experienced comprehensive monitoring, perceptual early warning, and Three stages of data fusion.

(1) Comprehensive monitoring.

The initial development of the urban intelligent operation command center mainly focused on the realization of centralized management, comprehensive monitoring, and command and dispatch. Focusing on emergency command, urban governance and other businesses, realize automatic feedback of accidents and automatic issuance of instructions, and improve the level of urban collaborative governance through technical efficiency.

(2) Perceived early warning.

In the mid-term development of the urban intelligent operation command center, the main focus is on the realization of active perception and early warning, data fusion, and fine management. By gathering government and social data resources, we can realize comprehensive perception of the city's operating status, situation prediction, event early warning and decision support, and improve the city's collaborative command capabilities.

(3) Data fusion.

The later development of the urban intelligent operation command center mainly focuses on social participation, intelligent collaborative services, and intelligent decision-making simulation. A typical representative is the Hangzhou City Brain, which uses traffic as a specific starting point, uses intelligent video recognition analysis, artificial intelligence and other technologies to take the lead in realizing fully automated operation of route priority scheduling, online signal control optimization, precise control of key vehicles, and active perception of abnormal events ; The role of humans in the urban brain is mainly supervision, and the initial realization of urban traffic operation management depends on computer automatic decision-making management.

The 3D city template launched by You Nu ThingJS covers more than 20 city-level templates, involving data visualization of resources such as transportation, medical care, and parks. Of course, the template can be copied. The key lies in the big data itself. Only the vivid combination of model + data can make the city brain work.
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Urban governance model will based on massive data and digital large-scale computing paradigm shift to the Twin Cities, the future of digital Twin Cities to promote the building of urban governance model will reshape and optimize the recycling of urban governance process, we will also look forward to excellent Nuo ThingJS more The emergence of new models and new applications makes people's lives smarter and better.

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