8 SpringBoot open source projects suitable for practicing


•Star number 14821•Project address: https://github.com/ityouknow/spring-boot-examples

This project integrates various examples used by Spring Boot, taking the simplest and most practical as the standard. Each example in this open source project uses the least dependency and the easiest as the standard to help beginners quickly master the components of Spring Boot. use. Basically involves all aspects of the use of Spring Boot.

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Micro personnel

•Star number 3333•Project address: https://github.com/lenve/vhr

Micro Personnel is a human resource management system with separation of front and back ends. The project is developed using SpringBoot + Vue. The project has opened up the front and back ends, and provides very detailed documents, from the Spring Boot interface design to the front-end Vue development ideas, all the authors record in the project's wiki, which is a rare Java full-stack learning material.

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•Star number 12668•Project address: https://github.com/macrozheng/mall

The mall project is an e-commerce system, including a front-end mall system and a back-end management system, based on Spring Boot + MyBatis. The front-end mall system includes modules such as homepage portal, product recommendation, product search, product display, shopping cart, order process, member center, customer service, and help center. The back-end management system includes modules such as commodity management, order management, membership management, promotion management, operation management, content management, statistical reports, financial management, authority management, and settings.

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•Star number 2931•Project address: https://gitee.com/52itstyle/spring-boot-pay

This is a payment case, which provides detailed payment code cases including Alipay, WeChat, and UnionPay. For small partners with payment needs, this project cannot be more appropriate.

Project renderings:

V tribe

•Star number 1060•Project address: https://github.com/lenve/VBlog

V Tribe is a multi-user blog management platform, developed with Vue + SpringBoot + ElementUI. The biggest advantage of this project is its simplicity. It is a fully functional but very simple one, which is very suitable for beginners.

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•Star number 2546•Project address: https://gitee.com/xiandafu/springboot-plus

A management background system based on SpringBoot 2, including user management, organization management, role management, function point management, menu management, permission assignment, data permission assignment, code generation and other functions. Compared with other open source background systems, SpringBoot-Plus Has a certain degree of complexity. The system is based on Spring Boot 2.1 technology and Layui 2.4 is used in the front end. The database uses MySQL/Oracle/Postgres/SQLServer as an example, which is a cross-database platform in theory.

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•Star number 6436•Project address: https://github.com/linlinjava/litemall

A mall project, including Spring Boot backend + Vue administrator frontend + WeChat applet user frontend + Vue user mobile terminal, functions include, category list, category details, brand list, brand details, new product launches, popular recommendations, coupon list , Coupon selection, group buying (group buying business needs to be improved), search, product details, product evaluation, product sharing, shopping cart, order, order list, order details, address, collection, footprint, feedback and customer service; management platform functions Including membership management, mall management, merchandise management, promotion management, system management, configuration management, statistical reports, etc.

Project renderings:


In addition, I recommend two high-quality Spring Boot and Spring Cloud learning websites, as follows:



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