Use Qt development of open source projects in Github


2D game map editor :

The famous TileMap editor, do 2D game development will not be unfamiliar.


Go language IDE :

Go language integrated development environment.


Clementine Music Player

Function is very complete and cross-platform support doing good music player, complete with high, cross-platform project can refer to it.


QtAV (Qt of the FFmpeg package):

Official website: http: //

FFmpeg's Qt package, people work for you thumbs up!


shotcut (video editing software):

Class open source product works worth studying.


qTox (IM clients):

Powerful IM client

livehelperchat (IM clients):

XMPP-based chat client agreement


qupzilla (Qt development of Web browser):

Class open source product works worth studying.


Browser-Otter (another browser):

Qt development of Web browser


CuteMarkEd (Qt development Markdown editor)


RYTHEM (Qt version fiddler)


Network file transfer client

Official website: https: //

The GUI-Qt-ProjectTox (simple version IM)

screencloud (screenshot sharing tool)

Notes (Notepad)

QFramer : (the UI package, people work)


OAuth 2.0 for Qt

JQTools, Jason Qt Tools 的简称

QtAwesome(Font Awesome support for Qt applications)



太阳神上 的开源版 三国杀:
Moligaloo/QSanguosha · GitHub

WizTeam/WizQTClient · GitHub

GitHub - sqlitebrowser/sqlitebrowser: Official home of the DB Browser for SQLite (DB4S) project. Previously known as "SQLite Database Browser" and "Database Browser for SQLite". Website at:



wang-bin/QtAV · GitHub 的开源项目
qtcn/tianchi · GitHub


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