Summary of Java open source projects

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More open source project recommendations:

15 excellent open source projects:

1 Mall system

Most of the following mall systems are more complex, such as mall. If you don’t have Java foundation and Spring Boot and are not familiar with it, it is not recommended to over-study the following projects or use these projects as graduation projects.

mall : The mall project is an e-commerce system, including a front-end mall system and a back-end management system, based on SpringBoot+MyBatis.

mall-swarm : mall-swarm is a micro-service mall system that uses core technologies such as Spring Cloud Greenwich, Spring Boot 2, MyBatis, Docker, and Elasticsearch. It also provides a Vue-based management backend to facilitate rapid system building.

onemall : mall mall, based on the idea of microservices , constructs actual projects in the B2C e-commerce scenario. The core technology stack is Spring Boot + Dubbo. In the future, Spring Cloud Alibaba will be restructured.

litemall : Another small mall. litemall = Spring Boot backend + Vue administrator frontend + WeChat applet user frontend + Vue user mobile terminal.

2 Blogs/groups/others

The following projects are very suitable for Spring Boot beginners to learn. I have seen the overall code structure of most of the following projects. I personally think it is pretty good. It will not mislead the brothers who have not actually done the project, especially The first two projects are vhr and favorites-web.

vhr : Micro Personnel is a human resource management system with separated front and back ends. The project is developed using SpringBoot+Vue.

favorites-web : Cloud Collection Spring Boot 2.X open source project. Cloud Collection is an open source website built using Spring Boot, which allows users to collect a website anytime and anywhere online, and sort the collection of websites or articles on the website.

VBlog : V tribe, a multi-user blog management platform implemented by Vue+SpringBoot!

My-Blog : My Blog is a Java blog system implemented by SpringBoot + Mybatis + Thymeleaf and other technologies. The beautiful page, complete functions, simple deployment and complete code will definitely give users an unparalleled experience.

community : open source forums, question and answer system, existing functions of questioning, replying, notification, latest, hottest, eliminating zero reply function. The function is continuously updated... Technology stack Spring, Spring Boot, MyBatis, MySQL/H2, Bootstrap.

3 Authority management system

Permission management systems are generally very important in enterprise-level projects. If you need to actually understand how a good permission system is designed, it is recommended that you can refer to the following open source projects.

Spring-Cloud-Admin : Cloud-Admin is the first domestic development platform based on Spring Cloud microservices. It has a unified authorization and authentication background management system, which includes multiple modules such as user management, resource authority management, and gateway API management. Parallel development of multi-business systems can be used as a development scaffold for back-end services. The code is concise and the structure is clear, suitable for learning and direct projects. The core technology uses Spring Boot2 and Spring Cloud Gateway related core components, and the front end uses the vue-element-admin component.

pig : (gitee) RBAC authority management system based on Spring Boot 2.2, Spring Cloud Hoxton & Alibaba, OAuth2.

FEBS-Shiro : Spring Boot 2.1.3, Shiro1.4.0 & Layui 2.5.4 authority management system.

eladmin : The project is based on Spring Boot 2.1.0, Jpa, Spring Security, redis, Vue's front-end separated back-end management system, the project adopts a sub-module development method, permission control uses RBAC, supports data dictionary and data permission management, and supports one-click Generate front-end and back-end code to support dynamic routing.

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