Hot open source projects in April

Inventory of the open source projects with the most star rise on GitHub in April, 90% of the hottest projects in April are AI projects (to be precise, the hot list in the past six months is all AI projects)

The recommended open source project directory in this issue:

1. AI generates lifelike voice

2. Fudan large model MOSS!

3. Let the little people in the painting move

4. Chat, write SQL

5. AI Generated Posters


AI generates lifelike voice

The open source project is called Bark, and it can generate highly realistic multilingual speech as well as some audio, including music, background noise, and more.

Almost impossible to spot AI generated. In addition to letting AI speak a paragraph in a straightforward manner, it also supports emotional modes, such as laughing, crying, and so on.


Open source project:


Fudan large model MOSS!

The first domestic conversational large language model is open source! The large model MOSS released by Fudan University is officially open source, and the relevant codes, data, and model parameters have been opened on the Github platform for researchers to download.


Open source project:


Let the little people in the painting move

Upload the doodle drawn by the child, then edit the body nodes of the doodle online, set the action of the doodle, and then the animation will be generated. Let the little people in the children's drawings "jump"!


Open source project:


Chat, write SQL

SQL Chat is a chat-based SQL client, you can ask the database some questions like a chat, and let the robot query some data for you


Open source address:


AI generated poster

What's so special about this open source project? Doesn’t AI drawing already have many products or open source projects? Really not, like drawing software like Midjourney we use, there is no way to generate accurate text.

But text is an indispensable element on posters, so DeepFloyd AI Research, an independent research and development team under Stability AI, open sourced this open source project. This project can accurately draw text, but currently does not support Chinese.


Open source address:

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