How to find open source projects on github

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If, as a programmer, you have not heard or even GitHub used, then it is really too bad. GitHub but programmers use an essential career skills ah, recently in the online search, I found a lot of children's shoes in question GitHub tutorials, in fact, excellent online tutorial on GitHub used quite a lot, I was among them benefit a lot, well, we'll talk about a topic on GitHub today, "how to find good open source project on GitHub."


Log in GitHub, find Explore the center of the page, as shown:

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Explore GitHub will have all recently active projects presented to you, is not the result of screening, according to the default order. This time, click on the upper right corner of the Trending button, as shown:

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Trending This page is used to doing it? A little English foundation of people see at the, Trending popular trend is the trend of meaning, in this page you can see some recent popular open source project, GitHub it through this page, do the filtering feature that can be a lot of people take the initiative the best way to get some open source projects, we can choose to "popular day", "within a week hot" and "Hot in one month" to see if you want to find a more accurate programming language you want to learn on the right there is a sub-language class to see the function, for example, you want to see recent popular iOS project, so you can choose the right Objective-C language, as:

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3 .Search

In addition Trending, there is a way to obtain the most active open source project, and that is the GitHub Search function.

For example, you do iOS, the contact GitHub did not take long, then the first thing you should enter iOS keyword search, then select the top right according to the results you want to sort the results as shown below:

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You can see, we follow up to the stars to sort out the results, the more stars the more the fire of the project, for you to learn or use value is even greater.

to sum up

GitHub for us to do technology development for people who have really helped, too many good open source projects in the above, we either used in the actual project, or learning source, this is to enhance our own skills and expand their horizons an important channel, you have a lot a lot of time to brush microblogging, circle of friends, might as well stop and brush GitHub, one day you will find, oh, I realize I can become a big cow!

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