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1. About: Apache IoTDB open source project

Project address:

As a high-performance and lightweight open source IoT native database, IoTDB has become an important member of the Apache big data ecosystem. It focuses on the industrial Internet of Things and has low storage costs and high-speed data writing (tens of millions of data points written in seconds, high-efficiency out-of-sequence data) Processing), fast query (second-level query of TB-level data), complete functions (addition, deletion, modification and query of data, rich aggregation functions), integration of query and analysis (one piece of data, satisfying real-time query and analysis and mining), edge-cloud collaboration, Easy to use (using standard JDBC interface, SQL-like query language) and other features. Benchmark tests show that the read and write performance of IoTDB is better than the existing time series databases InfluxDB, TimescaleDB, OpenTSDB, KairosDB, etc.

Apache IoTDB has been used in dozens of institutions, including ArcelorMittal, Dongfang Guoxin, China Meteorological Administration, Hunan China Tobacco, Datang Xianyi, Goldwind, Haier, Lenovo, 4D Zhilian, Shanghai Metro , YOFC, etc.

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2. There is also an admin background

This background management end is very suitable for an open source iot-admin background.
There are not many online articles about this:
https://blog.csdn.net/weixin_43370282/article /details/124243430

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3. Thinglinks project


Open source ThingLinks IoT integrated platform, high performance, high throughput, high scalability IoT platform! The stand-alone machine can support millions of links, and supports custom extension functions at the same time. The function is very powerful. It uses netty as the communication layer component and supports plug-in development and integration!

Technology stack
1. The front-end and back-end separation mode is adopted, and the front-end framework is VUE.
2. The backend uses Spring Boot, Spring Cloud & Alibaba.
3. MqttBroker (supporting cluster deployment) is based on Netty, Reactor3, Reactor-netty.
4. The registration center and configuration center select Nacos, and use Redis for authority authentication.
5. Select Sentinel for the flow control framework and Seata for distributed transactions.
6. The time-series database adopts TDengine, an open-source and efficient IoT big data platform, to handle massive data writing and load query of the IoT.

Core features
Support unified product model management, multiple devices, multiple manufacturers, unified device connection management, multi-protocol adaptation (MQTT, WebSocket, TCP, UDP, CoAP, HTTP, etc.).
Flexible rule engine, device alarm, message notification, data forwarding.
Visualize the geographic location of the device, and visualize the large screen.
TDengine time series database super table design concept: one table for each device, one super table for each type of device.

4. thingsboard-ui-vue project



This project is based on this open source project and thingsboard: V3.2.2 for secondary development

Among many open source IoT platforms, ThingsBoard has been recognized by developers for its excellent performance and efficient performance, but its interface is difficult to be accepted by domestic developers, so a vue version was developed for its front end

5. Apache pulsar project


Read Apache Pulsar

The project is:
Apache Pulsar, a top-level project of the Apache Software Foundation, is a next-generation cloud-native distributed message flow platform that integrates messaging, storage, and lightweight function computing. It adopts a separate architecture design for computing and storage, and supports multi-tenancy and persistence. Stream data storage features such as storage, cross-region replication, strong consistency, high throughput, low latency, and high scalability.

6. ActorCloud project

ActorCloud is an open source IoT platform launched by EMQ, which integrates the multi-protocol access of devices required by the IoT platform, SQL-based lightweight streaming IoT data processing, scalable data persistence and other functions, and provides upward With the implementation of basic device management API and reference UI, third parties can quickly develop an IoT platform that meets customized needs based on this platform.


The website is no longer accessible. The project was 3 years ago.
It is estimated that it did not make any money, so it stopped directly.
Document address:

It's a pity that the project is actually written in python!
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