What is the reason for so many people to join the IT industry? There are mainly these reasons!

According to public data from the Ministry of Education, the number of college graduates in 2020 will increase by 400,000 over last year, reaching 8.74 million. The increase in the number of graduates, coupled with the impact of the epidemic, is facing the dilemma of "more monks and less porridge".

Nevertheless, we still see some industries such as Internet/IT and online education usher in explosive growth. The third quarter talent attractiveness report of Boss direct employment pointed out that the industry with the highest talent attractiveness index is still Internet/IT.
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In 2019, the average annual salary of the IT industry exceeded 160,000 yuan, ranking first for 4 consecutive years. So what is it that has inspired waves of people to join the IT industry? The main reasons are as follows. Follow me and look down!

1. Large market demand

With the rapid development of the information industry, the demand for talents in the IT/Internet industry is also expanding year by year. According to domestic authoritative statistics, the total demand for Internet technology talents in my country will reach 15-20 million in the next five years.

2. Wide range of employment

Generally, a slightly larger enterprise has its own IT department. If the amount of information in the enterprise is relatively large, it will inevitably need database management, enterprise information management, etc. In addition to emerging industries, you can also go to these relatively large-scale industries. In the enterprise, it is an important responsibility of the Internet technology department.

3. The nature of the job is important

IT technology is the soul of electronic carriers, and it is also the core technology of game development and web development. Therefore, graduates of related majors can engage in key positions in these industries after graduation.

4. High-paying positions

With the rapid development of the market economy today, the IT/Internet industry has become one of the most promising high-paying industries with its super development momentum. The IT industry is currently the industry with the highest average income, and the average annual salary of its employees has exceeded 160,000 yuan. , The average annual salary of experienced Internet technicians is generally more than 200,000 yuan.

5. Strong job adaptability

IT/Internet technology talents are not only core talents, but also general-purpose talents. They are not afraid to go wherever they go. Therefore, which industry develops fast, can go to which industry, to maximize the value of talents and reduce professional risks.

6. Fast promotion

Technical talents need a certain degree of technicality, and the training of universities and the needs of enterprises are seriously derailed, resulting in a serious shortage of Internet technical talents. Therefore, skilled Internet talents are especially popular with employers.

The above are just a few reasons why I have summarized everyone in the IT industry. Finally, I want to tell everyone that each of the three hundred and sixty lines is not easy. Now that you have entered the IT industry, you must maintain a heart of continuous learning and continuously improve your skills, so that your career path can go further. !
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