Why do so many people have given up halfway

Weekend, do not share technology dry goods, and a cackle. Has recently been made public force to write original article number, just an article requires a minimum of 2-5 hours, updated one week 5-7, tired. But see the efforts being recognized by everyone, fans continue to increase feeling but also the value. Follow continue to share the original dry goods for everyone.

No micro-channel public concern hundreds of bars, recently found that the public number of tweets seemingly fewer, not read. Of course, some techniques of content it is crappy, give shielding.

Brush the public address book list number, more than one hundred. One by one look at the recent opening the content (including shielded push), found that a third of the number the public has stopped more months or even longer, on the abolition of attention.

No. Most of the rest of the public reproduced, reprinted Leaving aside the original difference. If you see the same content repeated in different places, is itself a waste.

I wonder why so many people drop out of it? There are probably two reasons for it: to make money did not make money, a hobby is not interested. Basically it should be a reason, most of the original driving force is gone.

Refine what the driving force, ostensibly vary: "Fans want to have, want to make money", "want to get a sense of accomplishment," "love of writing to share", "want to help others," "I want to share" and so on.

The driving force of how slowly disappear it? Very few people original intention was to study, to learn if it is, write it down like, share it touches secondary. The other driving force basically are derived from the fans, want to get something from the fans there. For example, a sense of achievement, benefit, be happy to share. The results of operations for some time found no fans, so he gave up.

Why not a fan of birds How about you? Poor quality content, reproduced everywhere (see repeat of old), not a systemic content, update frequency instability, poor writing skills and so on. That does not meet the needs of fans.

More idle time recently has been focusing wrote several series of articles, but also think about their own public positioning number. We are talking now to get fans too hard, but experience tells me that seems to be quite easy: write quality articles, then insist on writing.

Push each other before thinking, thinking to help people share, and now want some cart before the horse. Planted plane trees, attracted the Phoenix. Recent high-quality articles, fans saw, attention is also a wise choice. The emergence of high-quality articles, do not beg others to share, others will help you share.

I began to believe a word, but it is also very true chicken soup: When you work hard, the whole world will help you.

Then corresponds to sentence drug chicken soup: When you work hard enough, the world will look down on you.

Now some impetuous social, work late at night a fight today, tomorrow, wanted to see the benefits, how might things. "Most people underestimate the time span between effort and success ( Murphy's Law is one , may be concerned about the public number" program New Horizons "view)."

A number of public operators together, not only professional content output, but also take up to six months or a year persist. We set off on the road of success, although the right direction, but gave up halfway. No public operators so that any tutte.

"When you work hard, the whole world will help you. But you have to work hard enough, long enough time and effort."

? Re-borrow the words of Tsai received a tail: "Why is no use trying to teachers or parents saying that the efforts will come to the pinnacle of efforts - be strange if so, not everyone took to the pinnacle yet no one.? He began to work hard, why then do not work hard, because efforts had no effect.

Life is not walking the ramp, you can come to the pinnacle continued to go; life is like walking stairs, each step of each stage there are difficulties, physics physical difficulties, learning difficulties comics comic, you do not have to overcome the difficulties, no matter how efforts are in place to jump. So when you overcome the difficulty, you will not jump on the herd down. ...... like learning to bicycle, ten years did not ride a bicycle hit a go as you can get started. "( Original Portal , but also concerned about the public number" program New Horizons "View)

To pull so much, I tried to write the text also want to get more attention of fans. I am responsible for creating high-quality content, you responsible for a praise like.

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