Career memories (to CSP-J/S2)

⌊ \ lfloor ⌊May I no longer fail myself, miracles no longer fail miracles⌉ \rceil


Prehistoric era (2018.2-2019.12)

Remember, because of the original L ogo LogoL o g o is very good at languagelearning, byzz zzz z giant guy to teachergutc gutcg u t c recommended me.

I was not in the sixth grade at the time...So, it was really adorable at
that time ( and I didn’t know why I learned it at that time. I just thought it was a strange hobby, that’s it.

Then, after studying for a few days, I found it was very boring, and then I listened very carelessly in class... I was trained a few times, and then I corrected my attitude and wanted to find something interesting on OI.

In fact, the interesting part of OI lies in its small or huge success; for example, I successfully opened an array, and then I was very happy (really good); if I hit the right high-precision addition, I went crazy. ...

I was really speechless to me at that time. Anyway, I learned some lessons for almost a year and a half, and I didn’t read the questions when I came back. I just didn’t know that I had a special talent or what the NOI gold medal was submitted. I almost ignored the cute OI. ...

At the time in school, I don’t know why, the state is very bad, the grades are obviously declining all the time, and the NFLS has not been admitted. Then I went to the lovely Jinling Huiwen for the first year of junior high.

After entering the first year of junior high school, I feel that my outlook on life has come up... At that time, I attached great importance to cultural classes, because the teacher said that you can only go to any high school when you reach the top of the class... Culture classes were still pretty hard at the time. Say it's steadily improving...

However, OI was still completely forgotten by me until the winter vacation.

A new era, unstoppable, is about to begin.

The early winter vacation era of OI (2020.1—2020.5)

The first day after the winter vacation... it should be a coincidence of fate. The computer bag was placed on my right side, and I turned to the end of the bed when I couldn't sleep well, so I saw the computer as soon as I opened my eyes.

There are so many homework in winter vacation...The game is also poorly played...Then write about high-precision addition...

So I turned on the computer, asked the teacher for four, five, or six high-precision programs, and learned to write there. Because of the food, it took a long time to write it out without looking at the bidding process.

Then I opened Luogu for the first time in my life, submitted a few high-precision programs, and passed.

Then start to brush the questions. For example, I brushed a topic of minimum spanning tree, and Ben Konjac had forgotten Kruskal's things, so I should review it; brushed a matrix fast power optimization dp dpFor the topic of d p , learn the cute matrix; if you can’t do it, just look at the solution; then write a blog summary or talk about the topic every day... This kind of effect is remarkable. It can be said that it is based on your own efforts. I reached the level of the popularization group by month.

Then, the teacher invited me to take a one-day trip to improve the group class . I was abused (talking about the "Shenzhen" topic, such as "I love running" and returned to the popular group class.

At that time, I was not allowed to play CF because I stayed up lateC F then hitAT ATAT A B C ABC A B C . The initial goal is to makeDDQuestion D , the result is often not done...

Then, at the end of the winter vacation, it reached AC 500 AC500A C 5 0 0 achievement, you can burstABC ABCA B C ofDDQuestion D ... But for various reasons,EEQuestion E can't be done again.

Then I started to learn a variety of algorithms, but the understanding was very simple... even Mo Fan "can"...

At that time, I also met many giants who are still worshipping-gh (caring), b6e0 (Li Xiang). I also learned the meaning of some words, such as orz, sto and other words.

At that time, my screen name ducati gradually formed.

Then the school will start, stop doing it, and continue doing it during the summer vacation.

The Early Dark Age of OI (NOI Online #3)

I played in the entry group of NOI Online #3 and got a very dismal score.

The point is, I didn’t understand it at the time. Quick read and ios iosi o s optimization cannot be used at the same time, soT 2 T2T2, T 3 T3 T 3 all burst to 0. If it is not mixed, it will be AK, but the final score is100 100.1 0 0 points.

Without any suspense, he took the last place in the popularization group, and the whole person collapsed for a week.

At that time, I kept thinking:

①Is hard work useful?

②Did God punish me?

③Why did I pass the exam like this? Why do I add fast reading at the end? ? ! !

In the end, thinking endlessly, I decided to retire forever.

Fortunately, the "addiction" of OI brought me back to the circle.

This time the incident dragged me into a dark whirlpool, then pushed me out again, fell to the shore, and it hurts terribly.

Later, I wrote an essay about this in school and it was very good

The early summer era of OI (2020.7-2020.8)

Although it is short, I have learned too much during this time.

I have learned all the algorithms to improve the group (except dynamic dp dpd p , Tarjan who has just learned now, and the expansion of Europe just learned a few days ago), the number of questions has reached700 7007 0 0 questions. I have brushed countless green questions and not many blue and purple questions, basically reaching the level of 2nd prize in the improved group. AT ATA T is light blue,CF CFC F reaches navy.

In addition, I learned to use Benben; at the same time, I posted a lot of boring posts (many posts for help from the headline party); I met the giant duyi. At the same time, in improving the group, with the help of gh giants, I optimized the monotonicity of decision-making dp dpd p , line segment tree, dsu on tree have a new understanding (sto gh orz); he also kindly helped me, thank this giant. At the same time, I also saw a lot of miscellaneous questions, such as the flame lobster, Guess00 and other giants.

A B C ABC A B C is stableA − E AEAQuestion E , it can be said that the ability has improved a step harder.

Then school started.

The beginning of OI: Season 1 (2020-2021)

Before this season, it was the long winter vacation of Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day.

During this winter vacation, my mood fluctuated like this:
①Sad: the preliminary score is so low;
②Hi: the preliminary scores are ranked by school!
③Sad: Jinling Huiwen will have very few places;
④Hi: Jinling Huiwen has a lot of places last year!
⑤Sad: There will be fewer award places this year...
⑥Hi: This year is not the school assigned places!
⑦ Sadness: PJ is only 122 1221 2 2 people? (Nanjing) TG is only200 200More than 2 0 0 ?
⑧Hi: PJ is equivalent to over 8%, TG is equivalent to over 25%.
⑨Sad: I’m too good...


Anyway, I didn’t care about the preliminary rounds, I did a lot of green and blue questions, and the efficiency was quite high (the most one day was 11 111 1 question).

After the pain, I became stronger after a year of ups and downs.

CSP-S Preliminary Tournament

A pile of Luogu 79 797 9 , but I was Gufen79.5 79.579.5?

I heard that JS NJ’s score is 69 696 9 ? How can it be so low?

PJ Preliminary 90.5 90.59 0 . 5 have not been? impossible……

⌊ \ lfloor steady the⌋ \ rfloor

So the preliminary round was over...a 79.5 79.5. 7 . 9 . . 5 , a90.5 90.59 0 . 5 , although the collective beating and hanging in our class of people, but as long as over the line ......

So I started to prepare for the rematch and prepared for the suspension.

Mid-term of OI-2020-2021 season

⌊ \ lfloor ⌊May I no longer fail myself, miracles no longer fail miracles⌉ \rceil

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