Obviously you can rely on talent, but now you have to sell your face!

I have to admit that my face value is not so handsome to explode.

I have known since childhood that I have to rely on talent to eat in my life, but recently I have frequently exposed my face.

How is this going?


Show one's face

Without further ado, let me show you my latest face-lifting masterpiece:

The first one: the bright time of the three trees

Second: I believe in 2020

The third: my 10 years, from the small village to the world

I will not show them one by one later. If you are interested, you can scan the QR code below. After paying attention, you can watch the video in my history.


Opportunities for middle-aged men

When I was quick, I felt very far away from myself, because I was really not good at making fun!

When the vibrato is hot, I feel that I am farther away from myself.

When I started highlighting at Station B, I felt that I had nothing to do with the second element. Although I wanted to get close to the young people, my strength was not allowed.

But when the video number came, a lot of old men were commotion, and now you go to the video number, there is a high probability that you can see a group of middle-aged people blind BB. (There is me o (*  ̄︶ ̄ *) o)

Why is this?

Because the video number and other short video field mechanisms are indeed different, it is more suitable for a platform for ordinary people to blind BB, of course, there are still many beauty, travel, and funny.

But at the same time, it left a small world for the old men.

There are always people who are tired of looking at handsome guys and want to see something different, such as business interpretation, hot comments, daily life and so on.


Why should I join in the fun

First, I have to admit that the society is now dominated by short videos, and the amount of information carried by the video must exceed the text. I often see some friends swiping for one night.

Second, sharing and communicating ideas with everyone via video makes me feel more intimate and closer. (After all, I saw people)

Third, I believe there are many friends like me. Watching short videos does not necessarily just want to watch beautiful guys, but also thinks about what I can learn from time to time.

Fourth, there is indeed a huge bonus period for the video number. I am also a person who likes tossing. Isn't life just about experience anyway?

In light of the above situation, I sold my face.


My gain

So far, I have published 8 videos, 6 of which are live-action photo shoots. The average face-to-face videos each play between 1-2 million, and the number of likes is basically more than 200.

Many readers see the video and leave messages to me, smiling brother, why do you not look pure at all?

In fact, the original intention of "pure smile" is to keep pure for technology and smile for life.

I am a person who likes tossing and I like tossing some new things.

The recommendation mechanism of the video number is not entirely dependent on the algorithm. According to the current observation, it should be recommended based on your friend relationship chain. For example, after you like my video, your friends will also see this video.

According to the social relationship chain, if the likes and completion rate data are better, WeChat will further recommend!

In addition to the delay of moving for a few days, I am continuing to share. If you are also interested, please scan the QR code below to follow my video number.

Yes, yes, there is a saobao who can't laugh at young people. Yesterday, I just recorded a video with him, and almost let him fly into the sky. If you are interested, you can also pay attention to the QR code below.

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