A collection of popular public BitTorrent Tracker lists across the entire network

What is Tracker?

BT download speed depends on the upload speed of other users who download the same resource, and users rely on Peer, DHT, Tracker to obtain.

Peer: Only after you get a valid user, Peer will get the user information in the user client.
DHT: It is equivalent to Peer's advanced. Everyone stores a part of DHT network information. When needed, users will be obtained through the network, and then more networks and users will be obtained from the user. Effective, but the disadvantage is that there is no DHT network at the beginning, it must be raised for a while (download some popular resources).
Tracker: It will track users who download the same resource, help you establish a connection with other users, let other users upload files to you (providing you with download speed), and you upload the downloaded files to others who need them ( Provide download speed to others).

Therefore, a high-quality Tracker can effectively improve the resource analysis speed and download speed.

At the same time, the more people who use these trackers, the faster the download speed of everyone. It is recommended to recommend it to others!

The figure below is the speed of downloading BT using my tracker list (I used the full list).

Bit comet renderingsqBittorrentEE renderings

If you are interested, you can download  ubuntu-19.10.torrent to  try. This resource is used by thousands of people all over the world to upload, so most people download quickly!

Updated: 2020-01-14

These lists are updated automatically every day:

Trackers in the featured list are relatively more stable, fewer and more refined.
The number of trackers in the complete list is greater, and the theoretical effect is better, but there may be a small number of dead links.
The number of trackers does not affect the speed of BT software, so I recommend using  「完整列表」 it to maximize the download speed!

Tracker address in Aria2 format:

In order to facilitate people who use Aria2 to add Tracker, I specially made a separate copy according to the Aria2 configuration format and followed the update.

how to use?

Aria2 :

After copying the contents of the tracker file in Aria2 format, paste  aria2.conf it in the bt-tracker= back of the configuration file  , the example is as follows:


Note: Please delete the old Tracker content before pasting to avoid formatting errors!


Bit Comet Portable (with Tracker configured): https://www.lanzous.com/b073c7g4f

  • Tools-Options-Tracker
    Check two options and fill in the Tracker URL in the bottom input box, and then click the [Update Now] button. The large input box above will show the tracker you got. (As shown below)

In addition, the yellow light and green light of Bit Comet only affect the upload speed, not the download speed. The prerequisite for the green light is the public IP, and then set up the port mapping (UPnP).

Bit Comet Tracker

qBittorrent Enhanced Edition (enhanced version):


基于 qBittorrent 制作,增加了很多功能,例如 订阅 Tracker URL 功能,可以很方便的配合本项目使用。

  • 选项[齿轮图标] - BitTorrent
    勾选下图红框内的选项 并填写 Tracker URL 后点击 [Apply] 保存,然后重启 qBittorrentEE 。(如下图所示)

qBittorrent Enhanced Edition Tracker



  • 选项[齿轮图标] - BitTorrent
    勾选下图红框内的选项 并复制所有 Tracker 后粘贴到下方输入框中,然后点击 [Apply] 保存。(如下图所示)

qBittorrent Tracker

为什么一些 Tracker 连不上?


目前网上热门的 Tracker 大都是国外服务器。

  • 一方面 是一些国外 Tracker 服务器国内链接质量不行(丢包、速度慢、干扰等)。
    (我发现 HTTPS 的链接成功率更高,HTTP这种明文的 以及 UDP 这种经常被运营商干扰、限制的就很了)

  • 一方面 是一些国外 Tracker 服务器屏蔽了国内连接(迅雷丢人丢到国外了)。

  • 一方面 是这些国外 Tracker 服务器没有你下载的资源信息。


况且 Tracker 数量多少不会影响 BT 软件运行的(都是多线程连接),所以也不需要在意这些连不上的,软件重试几次连不上就忽略了。


BT 下载速度取决于 其他下载同一资源的用户上传速度。


做种: 指上传文件数据给其他 BT 用户的行为。

The role of Tracker is to find other users who download the same resource faster, and help you establish a link between you, indirectly increasing the BT download speed (provided that someone does it).

Not only pay attention to the number of users, but also the quality of users. The vast majority of people in China do not have public IP, so the upload speed is urgent [no public IP only affects the upload speed, and almost does not affect the download speed] Operators are not equal in uploading, in addition to restricting / interfering with BT, this is also the main reason why the domestic BT environment is so poor.

Except for Thunder, a BT software that caches downloaded resources on its own server to achieve "acceleration", other BT software simply rely on other users to provide you with download speeds.

The reason why Thunder is called Vampire is because Thunder will obtain files uploaded by other BT client users, but it only uploads files to other Thunder users, and will not share it with other client users. So for other clients, Say, Thunder only goes in and out, commonly known as Vampire Thunder.

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