After the release of Google Chrome and Chrome OS version to adjust the update schedule

Since the new crown virus outbreak, Google had recently announced that it will temporarily interrupt the update version of Chrome and Chrome OS , and to give priority to security and stability. And later decided to go directly to skip the release of Chrome version 82 , "in order to ensure that the concerns are focused on security and stability."

At present, the company has released a version of Chrome and Chrome OS update schedule adjusted, as follows:

  • Chrome 83  than originally planned three weeks earlier release. Google will be completely skipped version 82, Chrome 82 and cancels any changes until the new version of Chrome 83 to suspend development so far.
  • Chrome's development pipeline  Chrome Canary, Dev and Beta will resume this week . Chrome Dev version will be upgraded this week from the 82-83 version, Chrome Beta will temporarily remain on the 81 version.
  • The first stable version of Chrome will resume next week release, Chrome 80 will include the security and critical fixes.
  • Chrome 81 stable version will be released on April 7 this week, Chrome 83 will be released in mid-May (Chrome 82 stable version will be skipped).
  • Google plans to share and branch Chrome 84 Published in the future.

Google aspects blog article pointed out:  "We will continue to closely monitor Chrome and the Chrome operating system is stable, safe and reliable operation."

And he said, "We will inform the other details about any changes to our schedule, and share the schedule in Chromium Developers group as needed everyone on this Blog."

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