Google announced the suspension of an updated version of Chrome and Chrome OS

Google today made announcement said it will temporarily interrupt the update version of Chrome and Chrome OS, and to give priority to security and stability.

Notice reads as follows:

Due to the current work schedule has been adjusted, we're suspend upcoming Chrome and Chrome OS version. Our main goal is to ensure that they continue to be steady, safe and reliable operation of any person dependent on them. We will continue to give priority to all security-related updates, these updates will be included in Chrome 80 in. Please Watch this blog for updates.

Generally, Chrome and Chrome OS updates are released once every six weeks, due to the current work plan to bring work remotely adjust, Google choose to temporarily interrupt a new version is released.

Yesterday, that is, before this announcement the day, Chrome developers also posted the new features of Chrome 81, and said that Chrome 81 is coming soon. And Google did not say when this will end interrupt status, it seems, have to wait a while.

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