SOFAMosn 发布 v0.5.0 版本 | 蚂蚁金服开源数据平面代理

SOFAMosn v0.5.0 版本发布了,主要变更如下:

i. 新功能支持

  • 支持静态模式和 xDS 模式混合配置
  • 支持 stream filters 动态更新对存量连接生效
  • 支持 ADMIN API 可扩展

ii. 优化

  • 完善了解析 JSON 配置文件的逻辑
  • 优化针对大包场景的内存复用
  • 优化首次启动时对 Metrics 共享内存的处理

iii. 重构

  • 引用路径从""修改为""


i. New Features

  • Support hybrid config model of xDS and static
  • Support Admin APIs Extensible
  • Support StreamFilters’ dynamic update taking effect on all connections.

ii. Refatcor

  • Refatcor import path
  • change "" to ""

iii. Performance Optimize

  • Reorganized the output of the error log
  • Improved the implementation of marshal/unmarshal JSON config files
  • Optimize memory reuse for large buffer
  • Optimize the processing of shared memory used by Metrics when mosn start

iv. Bug Fix

  • Fix ProxyLogger cannot be updated by logger update APIs
  • Fix Read/Write loop panic
  • Fix deleting multiple clusters cannot take effect
  • Fix computing metrics error when active_requests are concurrent
  • Fix connection panic when http reset stream and receive response are concurrent.