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Data output format of the camera is generally divided into CCIR601, CCIR656, the RAW RGB format, an RGB format should be said here that CCIR601 or CCIR656 format. The RAW RGB format with the general RGB format is a difference of. 

Sensor photoreceptor principle of

       Through a one photosensitive point of light for sampling and quantization , but in Sensor, each one photosensitive point only photoconductor of RGB of a color . Therefore, commonly referred to as 30-megapixel or 1.3 million pixels, etc., means having 300,000 or 1.3 million photosensitive points . Each one photosensitive point only sensitive one color

However, to restore a true image, each point has required three colors of RGB, so that, for the CCIR601 format or 656, in the interior of the module will have a Sensor ISP module , Sensor data collected will be interpolated and effects processing , for example: if a color point of the photosensitive sensor is R, then the ISP according to this module will photosites calculated G, B values around this point G, B values of the photosensitive point , then this point RGB value was restored , and then encoded into a format 601 or 656 transmits to the Host. 
Sensor sucked while the RAW RGB format, each of the photosensitive points of the RGB values sensed directly transmitted to the Host , the interpolation is performed and the effects processing the Host .



Does not it, I think it is based on sensing values ​​around GB point, to calculate the value of this location GB. Possible sensor can support, for example algorithm to correct the value of R: R values ​​derived synthetically according to this point of around R value. This results the RGB values ​​of the pixel position.


Raw RGB for each pixel only one color (R, G, B of one kind); 
the RGB three colors for every pixel, each value between 0 and 255; 
during the test using a camera phone, the sensor output data is Raw data (Raw RGB), after RGB color interpolation becomes


Is not necessarily the testing process, you want to get the real picture, and some have to be a process; 
the Sensor output data format, mainly in two ways: YUV (more popular), RGB, which is the data output sonsor; this one GRB is Raw RGB, is the bayer array sensor acquired data (the luminance of each color is obtained corresponding to the sensor); 
but the data is not equal to the actual output data of the image, when the module test, it is necessary to write software, data acquisition (obtained Raw data) -> color interpolation (the purpose of obtaining RGB format for image display) -> image display; 
This can be found throughout the module is normal, whether the dead pixel, smudges, and the like, defective products is detected; (during the processing of the software, in order to obtain better image quality, but also white balance, gamma correction, color correction) 
in mobile phone applications, mobile phone camera module according to a data format, a ISP (mainly for RGB format), with the software, so that the camera function has been applied;



1: camera shutter

      What is Shutter: means for light entering the lens from the front camera, which is an apparatus for controlling the effective exposure time of the photosensitive sheet on the camera. 

      There are two main types: 1. Mirror while the shutter (shutter blades) 2. Focal plane shutter

          Shutter lag time

  The camera without using focus lock function while ensuring autofocus work state, this time from pressing the shutter release button to start the exposure is called shutter lag time.

  Shutter Priority exposure modes

  Let's discretion after the shutter speed, the camera light metering system in accordance with the situation at that time, automatically selects the appropriate aperture value of f (f may be the value of the non-stage) to fit. Exposure mode dial is provided with a digital camera, usually engraved 's' to represent the letters on the dial Shutter Priority Mode. Shutter Priority mode is suitable for controlling the shutter of photographic needs. Using a high-speed shutter operation may be condensed, using slow shutter traveling of the vehicle can make the light beam becomes.

  Shutter lag

  The camera shutter, the camera autofocus time, metering, exposure calculation, ... choose the right combination of exposure time and the calculation data storage processing is called shutter lag required.


       English as a camera shutter (shutter)


I.e., when the shutter is the exposure of the photosensitive member is irradiated with light camera produces physical and chemical reaction and thereby recording light information. To correct exposure, first served metering, digital cameras are now automatic metering system, so you do not have to worry about exposure inaccurate. When you turn on the camera, enter the shooting screen, the camera has already begun the automatic metering. Full manual exposure setting is M files, you can now do it first. There are also semi-automatic transmission: provided only one aperture and shutter speed, the camera will automatically give another appropriate value based metering system inside the machine. The other is the all-AUTO automatic transmission, according to the results of the system of metering machines, complete discretion to set all the parameters of the camera. Also the "EV" This function can be used to adjust the amount of light, corresponding to trimming. The "+" i.e., increasing the amount of light adjustment, the photo slightly brighter than normal, whereas the amount of light is reduced, darker picture. To the naked eye, the picture is too dark or too bright, the loss of details need to take, and called underexposed and overexposed, but now they have the relevant software can automatically detect the overexposed and underexposed areas of the picture.



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