The HTTP Method, HTTP status codes common

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HTTP Method:

POST: emphasis on the creation, will generate or modify some of the data on the server
GET: Top notes acquisition. General data on the server will not be modified
PUT: stressed modify
DELETE: delete data
HEAD:. GET request with a similar, but only get the HTTP Header section.
OPTION: used to list the current interface supports HTTP, Method,
PATCH: with PUT Similarly, but more emphasis on local modification

HTTP status code:

The OK 200
301 permanent migration (- like when changes occur in the domain)
302 temporary redirect (redirect appear inside the program jumps)
400 client request packet in question
403 the request is denied (as is access not satisfied requirements)
404 page not found (usually URL error)
500 internal server error (server program itself is like being given)
502 gateway error (as is Nginx can not find Django / Flask program)

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