Common HTTP corresponding status codes

200: The request was processed normally.
204: The request was accepted but no resources can be returned.
206: The client only requested part of the resources. The server only executed the GET method on part of the requested resources. The resources in the corresponding message range were specified by Content-Range.
301: Permanent redirection
302: Temporary redirection
303: It has a similar function to the 302 status code, except that it hopes that the client can redirect to another URI through the GET method when requesting a URI. 304
: Send conditional When requesting, it will be returned when the conditions are not met, and has nothing to do with redirection.
307: Temporary redirection, similar to 302, but it is mandatory to use the POST method.
400: The syntax of the request message is incorrect and the server cannot recognize it.
401: The request requires authentication.
403: The requested The corresponding resource is prohibited from being accessed
404: The server cannot find the corresponding resource
500: Server internal error
503: The server is busy

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