What do common http status codes mean?

What do the http status codes mean?
1xx indicates that the HTTP request has been accepted and continues to process the request
2xx indicates that the HTTP request has been processed (200)
3xx means to redirect the requested URL to another directory (304 resources have not changed, and will be redirected to local resources )
4xx means that the client has an error (403 access forbidden, 404 resource does not exist )
5xx indicates an error occurred on the server
301 => Permanent Redirect / Permanent Transfer
302 => Temporary redirection / temporary transfer (generally used for server load balancing)
304 => The content obtained this time is to read the data in the cache, and it will go to the server for verification every time
401 => Unauthenticated, no login site
403 => Forbidden, no permission
502 => The server acting as a gateway or proxy received an invalid request from the remote server
503 => server overload (assuming a server can only handle 10,000 people, when the 10,001st person visits,
If the server is not load balanced, then the person's network status code is 503 )
505 => The server does not support the requested version of the HTTP protocol and cannot complete processing.

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