[Common HTTP corresponding status codes]

Common HTTP corresponding status code
200 : the request is processed normally
204 : the request is accepted but no resources can be returned
206 : the client is only a part of the requested resource, the server only executes the GET method for the requested part of the resource, and the corresponding message passes Content- Range specifies the range of resources.
301 : Permanent redirection
302 : Temporary redirection
303 : Similar to the 302 status code, except that it hopes that when the client requests a URL, it can be redirected to another URK via the GET method.
304 : Send conditional When requesting, it will be returned when the condition is not met. It has nothing to do with redirection.
307 : Temporary redirection, similar to 302, except that it is mandatory to use the POST method.
400 : The request message syntax is incorrect and the server cannot recognize it.
401 : Request requires authentication
403 : Requested The corresponding resource is forbidden to be accessed
404 : The service cannot find the corresponding resource
500 : Internal server error
503 : The server is busy

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