[Market] BTC ETH Technical Analysis 8 January 2020

[Market] BTC ETH Technical Analysis 8 January 2020
Bitcoin (BTC / USD) earlier in the Asian session today expanded its recent gains during the North American session pullback yesterday, after the bid appears near 7723.00, the pair had risen to 8195.00.

In the past few days, market sentiment seems to be improving, the currency's recent trading activity is higher than the 7473.42 level, representing the 23.6% retracement of 10540.49 to 6526.

Under the series' next upside retracement is 8059.54, followed by 9006.95, the region during the market appreciation is easily absorbed. After traders breakthrough 7688.99 and 7870.10 level area, BTC / USD tested the area.

With the improvement in market sentiment, traders interested in learning about buying fell during the callback may occur. These levels include 7391,7208 and 7059 levels, and chart expert is also concerned about the level of 7312, buying pressure emerged in the region on Sunday.

Other areas have technical significance include 7492,7370 and 7271 levels, there may be some stop-loss below these levels. Target price level upstream region comprising 8229 and 8304 and the like. 8597 area above may have some stops.

Average price activity closest to 50 (four hours per hour) and 50 moving average at 7,376.37 (per hour) at 7,720.40.

Technical support is expected at around 7712.45 / 7568.45 / 6526.00, it is expected to stop at the bottom.

Expected technical resistance near 8338.78 / 8449.02 / 8587.90, is expected to stop at the top.

In FIG 4 hours, SlowK than SlowD, MACD is higher than MACDAverage.

On the graph 60 minutes, under slow slow short K D, while the MACD is short MACDA above average.
[Market] BTC ETH Technical Analysis 8 January 2020
Ethernet Square (ETH / USD) in early Asian session today fell as the pair 145.17 level after yesterday's high of 143.37 in North America fell periods. In yesterday's North American session, buying demand that the currency rose from $ 138.79 area. Improved market sentiment the highest level of the currency pair has recently risen since mid-December, and the currency market bias continues to shift from negative to neutral.

One of the reasons traders now feel negative sentiment weakened bearish and the pair recently moved above the 141.76 area related, representing from 23.6% retracement of 224.34 to 116.25. If the pair can continue to rebound, traders will focus on the area of ​​145.33, which represents 239.45 - 23.6% retracement of 116.25 range.

He continued to rally higher currency pairs have opened some upside price targets, including 146.59 and 147.82. It expected 151.17 - 115.61 area there will be some selling pressure. Cited above 154.93 area stop. Under the current market activity is expected during the buying callback will be lower in the vicinity of 140.03,137.26 and 135.02, below the 132.77 area is expected to be some stop-loss.

Additional pressure is expected to buy around 130.00. Experts also pointed out that chart, the moving average of 50 bar (four hours) is bullish, while the moving average line 200 bar (four hours) are bullish, which may lead to additional upward pressure on prices.

200 closest price movement moving average (4 hours) and 50 135.69 moving average (per hour) at 141.27.

Technical support is expected around 139.13 / 137.61 / 132.90, it is expected to stop at the bottom.

Expected technical resistance at around 146.00 / 153.00 / 157.73, is expected to stop at the top.

In FIG 4 hours, SlowK than SlowD, MACD is higher than MACDAverage.

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