Technical analysis [market] 2020 January 3 LTC BCH

Technical analysis [market] 2020 January 3 LTC BCH
Litecoin (LTC / USD) devaluation in early Asian session today, as the pair yesterday after the European session fell to 41.51 highs fell to 38.74. They recently moved very technical. In the course of Sunday's rise, LTC / USD trading price as high as 44.02, slightly higher than the 43.89 area, which represents the 65.60 --50% retracement of 22.17 range. On Tuesday, the market fell and fell to 41.26 zone, representing the 23.6% retracement of 22.17 from 103.06 rose. Following the November 15 market test 60.68, traders will be 43.01 area as an important downside price objective.

It is noteworthy that, from the market after a brief rebound 41.72, appears after the sell-off earlier in the week from the 44.02 area near the 43.00 strong selling pressure data, highlighting the technical sense since six weeks. Charts Experts point out that the recent 50 bar moving average (four hours) than the moving average to 100 bar (four hours), which is a bullish development, may lead to further price increases. Similarly, the recent 50 moving average (per hour) average transaction price is higher than 100 (per hour) and 200 moving average (per hour), the market area rose from 42.00 to 44.00 area, which has been the case.

Price activity closest to 50 bar moving average (four hours per hour) at 40.76 and 50 bar moving average (per hour) at 41.15.

Expected technical support at around 39.21 / 38.33 / 35.88, is expected to stop at the bottom.

Expected technical resistance near 42.69 / 44.04 / 47.22, stop loss above the expected.

In FIG 4 hours, SlowK bullish than SlowD, MACD and put below MACDAverage.

On the graph 60 minutes, SlowK SlowD short in the following, in short and MACD MACDAverage less.
Technical analysis [market] 2020 January 3 LTC BCH
Bitcoin Cash (BCH / USD) rose slightly earlier in today's Asian session, as the North American trading session yesterday as low as 192.38 area after the currency rose to 194.12. In yesterday's Asian session, the pair was once as high as 205.77. Traders are paying close attention to some important technical levels, these levels limit upside to the recent currency. It is worth noting that the recent currency trading price up to 215.80, above the level of 214.53, which represents the pair from 23.6% retracement of 358.58 fell to 170.03. Below this level, from 23.6% level represents 208.81 retracement 333.93 170.03 fell, and representative of the region from 23.6% 202.64 308.21 170.03 fell pullback.

It fell to 204.89 from 215.80, after earlier in the week rebounded to 213.43, then quickly dropped to 204.42, just below 205.26, which is 61.8% retracement of 227.04 from 170.03 in the fall. In addition, the selling price slightly lower than 205.00, it rose to 170.03 from 215.80 the 23.6% retracement. Buying occur during the callback is also consistent with the 200 bar MA (four hours), and then instructs near the 203.83 level. Traders bid around 198.54 and 191.81.

Price closest active 50-bar MA (4 hours per hour) at 188.81, and 100-bar MA (per hour) at 190.01.

Technical support is expected around 187.51 / 180.83 / 170.03, it is expected to stop at the bottom.

Expected technical resistance at around 215.80 / 218.35 / 223.80, is expected to stop at the top.

In FIG 4 hours, SlowK SlowD short in the following, in short and MACD MACDAverage less.

On the graph 60 minutes, than slow slow KK bull Bull, MACD and below the short MACDAverage.

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