[Bitcoin market analysis] BTC morning market analysis and operation suggestions

[Bitcoin market analysis] BTC morning market analysis and operation suggestions

The investment market does not simply move in the expected direction. The road to success is tortuous. If it goes the other way, it will lose its direction and enter a cycle. The same is true for the market. The trend is certain, but You will never simply keep going in the predetermined direction. There will be twists and turns and shake people’s hearts during this period. At this time, you need a good attitude to face and not be affected by short-term trends, just like last week’s market. There are repeated shocks, but we have always been firm in the layout of the band. In the end, the reason for our successful profit is to keep our original intention and always have to be; the investment market needs determination and perseverance, and then we can reap profits!

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A good market can be met but not sought. In the eyes of people who understand the market, all volatile markets can be called a good market, because these fluctuations make us profitable, and in the eyes of people who don’t understand the market, all the markets change. Become a trap, making investors cautious and afraid to fight. Think more, think more, watch more, take a shot when you see the market, understand a little bit, and take a lot of detours

1.20 Bitcoin intraday market analysis

BTC market analysis: Bitcoin's market on the same day began at 2 a.m. on the day of the candlestick hour. Figure 8 continued to rise and then fell for 4 days. Bitcoin's market from noon to night is still dominated by shocks. The four-hour chart looks at today's shocks The market features are remarkable. The moving average hourly chart ma5-ma10 daily moving average Jin Cha has a clear upward trend, and the four-hour chart and two lines today fully continue the all-day Jin Cha trend upward, and the signal of long bitcoin trend in the evening is obvious. According to the Bollinger Band hour chart, the trend of the three-track port is moving forward normally. The market is mainly running on the upper track. It is expected that the evening market will break through the upper track and go upwards. The Bollinger Band port in the four-hour chart shows signs of port contraction, and the market gradually approaches the upper track. This judgment is that the long-term trend is still in the evening, and the low-level layout has regained more steps. The recent market stop loss band is good.

Attached figure indicator macd hour chart is running at the top of the fast line. The current trend is gradually slowing down. The lower energy column starts to increase gradually. After kdj three lines cross, the j line goes down; the four-hour chart shows that the macd golden fork has flattened and the energy column has decreased. Signs, at this time, kdj has turned its head from the upside to the downside, and there are signs of shorting. From a comprehensive point of view, the Bitcoin evening market is back to long.

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Action suggestions:

Enter more orders near 36150-36350, the goal is to look at 36650-36850. Stop loss at 35800. Below support, pay attention to 35300. Look at 37200 for breaks. If you break, you can continue to chase up light positions, look at 38000. If you stand firmly above 38000, a new one will be opened. The bull market!

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