Excellent open source SLAM repo on GitHub (update)

Excellent open source SLAM repo on GitHub (update)


Welcome to watch / star / fork our GitHub repository:  Awesome-SLAM , or follow the project's home page: Awesome-SLAM Page .

In this paper, organize yourself some good open source SLAM repo attention on Github.

Hot SLAM Repos on GitHub

  1. Awesome-SLAM: Resources and Resource Collections of SLAM
  2. awesome-slam: A curated list of awesome SLAM tutorials, projects and communities.
  3. SLAM: learning SLAM,curse,paper and others
  4. A list of current SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) / VO (Visual Odometry) algorithms
  5. awesome-visual-slam: The list of vision-based SLAM / Visual Odometry open source, blogs, and papers
  6. Lee-SLAM-source: SLAM learning resources development experience to share with
  7. awesome-SLAM-list

SLAM - The PC End

  1. ORB_SLAM2
  2. ORBSLAM2_with_pointcloud_map
  3. PL-SLAM: a Stereo SLAM System through the Combination of Points and Line Segments
  4. StVO-PL: Stereo Visual Odometry by combining point and line segment features
  5. stereo-dso: Direct Sparse Odometry with Stereo Cameras
  6. maplab: An open visual-inertial mapping framework.
  7. BreezySLAM: Simple, efficient, open-source package for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in Python, Matlab, Java, and C++
  8. ygz-stereo-inertial: a stereo-inertial visual odometry
  9. S-PTAM: Stereo Parallel Tracking and Mapping
  10. Robust Stereo Visual Odometry

SLAM - The Mobile End

  1. VINS-Mobile: Monocular Visual-Inertial State Estimator on Mobile Phones
  2. ORB_SLAM2-iOS
  4. MobileSLAM - LSD SLAM on Mobile Phone

Depth Image API with iPhone 7 Plus (or newer)

  1. DepthAPISampleForiOS11
  2. AVDepthCamera
  3. ios11-depth-map-test


  1. Visual SLAM fourteen speak / 14 Lectures Visual SLAM ON, English Version , Chinese Version
  2. Practice of the SlamBook
  3. GraphSLAM_tutorials_code
  4. SLAM develop learning resources experience to share with

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