Highly recommended: Github excellent small program open source project summary

A summary of excellent open source applets on Github

What small programs are suitable for personal development?

Tool-type small programs are very suitable for personal development. The development cost of cloud development mode is very low, and it can be launched quickly. The only disadvantage is that individuals cannot access payment and the monetization channels are limited. Currently, they can only be monetized through traffic masters.

I saw a working friend who used his spare time to implement a small program matrix. He made more than 3,000 in a month. The main income came from advertising in the small program.

If you have an open source applet, please recommend it. Continuously updating...

Here are some excellent open source small programs, I hope you can get some inspiration from them!



A tool for generating QR codes using WeChat Mini Programs. The flow of tool mini programs in WeChat Search is still quite large

The main code for generating QR code data comes from davidshimjs/qrcodejs , because the function of internally generating QR code images cannot be used in the WeChat applet, I rewritten this function to be used in the WeChat applet.

2. v2ex


V2Ex applet, V2EX is a community of creative workers. There are currently more than 400,000 creative workers gathered here, mainly from the Internet industry, the game industry and the media industry.

Avatar plus mask applet-based on uniapp and quickly implemented using vue. Fully utilized traffic operation thinking includes name closure, public account article drainage, optimization of advertising placement strategy, gradually gaining 10w+ users and 4K+ advertising revenue. The core code development time is two weekends.


3. Avatar plus mask


This is a small program matrix.

Those small program tools such as Douyin dewatering, avatar making, and constellation can be seen from the WeChat search index. There are very huge traffic entrances. Although the frequency of use of vertical tools is not very high, the traffic is "enough to imagine". !

Of course "play" is the point! As for how to play, for programmers, the flow entrance is a must!

4. Catering and ordering mall


Food ordering mall is a complete set of catering solutions for the catering industry. It realizes the functions of online ordering, takeaway, queuing, payment, and delivery, which perfectly makes the catering industry more efficient and convenient!

2008021062806432<br>2008020982005063 (Automatic identification of QR code)

5. 2048 Mini Games


The WeChat applet version 2048 is developed based on the online version 2048 game, which is only used for communication and learning.

6. Xuezhisi Online Exam System


Xuezhisi online examination system is a java + vue examination system with front and back ends separated. The main advantages are simple and quick development and deployment, friendly interface design, and clear code structure. Currently, it supports web and WeChat applets, which can cover PCs and mobile phones.

backend system:

  • spring-boot 2.1.6.RELEASE
  • spring-boot-security user login verification
  • undertow web container
  • postgresql/mysql Excellent open source database
  • redis cache, improve system performance
  • mybatis database middleware
  • hikari the fastest database connection pool
  • Qiniu cloud storage is currently free within 10G

Front desk system:

  • Vue.js adopts the new version, using the system built by vue-cli3, reducing a large number of configuration files
  • The most popular vue component of element-ui, the latest version adopted
  • The latest version of vue-element-admin has made a lot of streamlining of the system, only retaining some styles and controls
  • echarts chart statistics
  • ueditor fill in the blanks extension plugin

WeChat Mini Program:

  • iView theme style


7. WeChat applet for renting platform


Based on the WeChat applet cloud development of the rental platform WeChat applet, with a complete administrator background. Quickly complete the construction of the front and back ends of the WeChat applet. The background is completely developed using the WeChat applet cloud. It does not rely on servers and can be used without purchasing servers.

Reference blog: https://www. cnblogs.com/LiangSenChe ng/


8. WeChat applet imitating NetEase Cloud Music APP


The following functions have been implemented:

User, playlist, FM, play, comment, MV, album, artist, login, song heart, FM trash, favorite single to playlist, listening record, playlist song recommendation, mini play bar, radio station, program, search

9. Github Today's List


Technology stack:

  • Min Cli: small program development framework, similar to VUE
  • MinUI: Mini Program UI component library
  • es6-promise: Provide promise support
  • wx-promise-request: Mini program initiates network request
  • wemark: small program Markdown rendering library
  • Material icon: Provide icon support
  • Yarn|| Npm: Package Management
  • Webpack, Babel: package and build
  • ES6: JS syntax
  • Less: CSS preliminary language

Data source: GitHub API, QueryList: Provide data support

10. Simple style WeChat Mini Program version blog




11. 秀视频小程序


短视频社交小程序,用户可以在小程序上发布自己的短视频 并且经过我们的平台加入滤镜或者背景音乐制作出独具特色的短视频。并实现了点赞、评论、下载、分享、转发等功能的小程序

12. 小程序营销组件


一套简单,易用,业务化的商城营销组件库,让开发变得更简单。 包括:

  • 大转盘
  • 红包雨
  • 九宫格翻牌
  • 老虎机
  • 微信小程序分享(转发好友/分享图)
  • 标签滚动导航
  • 持续更新中....


13. wx-charts




  • 饼图 pie
  • 圆环图 ring
  • 线图 line
  • 柱状图 column
  • 区域图 area
  • 雷达图 radar

14. TouchUI WX



15. WeUI


WeUI WXSS是腾讯官方UI组件库WeUI的小程序版,提供了跟微信界面风格一致的用户体验。

16. iview weapp


iView是TalkingData发布的一款高质量的基于Vue.js组件库,而iView weapp则是它们的小程序版本。



17. GitHub小程序客户端





18. 仿知乎小程序


界面及交互设计来自知乎 Android 版本 实现功能:列表式渲染数据,自定义顶部 tabbar,下拉刷新,上拉加载更多,轮播图。

19. 在线借书平台





如果你有开源的小程序,欢迎推荐。 持续更新中......

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