OSPF protocol - theory and experiment

First part of the command:

enter the ospf protocol ospf 1

area 0 delineation of autonomous regions because the experiments took only a regional parameter to 0 so that is the backbone area

network + network segment + Anti write mask ( interface and the interface belongs specify the OSPF. That is where the network segment

display ospf interfac check OSPF interfaces notice

display ospf peer to view its neighbor device


The implementation of the autonomous system gateway between the internal interior gateway protocol interior gateway protocol abbreviated as IGP. Between the different autonomous systems with an external gateway protocol gateway protocol exterior abbreviated EGP. The latest meeting is called BGP EGP do it BORDER GATEWAY PROTOCOL

OSPF basic principles


 In addition OSPF area introduced the concept of










 Shown above according to the configuration and port configuration for each IP

After the configuration of the communication with the test R1


Configure a single area OSPF network






 Here router ID is

About DR and BDR appear above explanation:

DR specify a router, BDR refers to a backup designated router.

To reduce OSPF multiaccess network traffic, OSPF will select a designated router (DR) and a backup designated router (the BDR) . When the multi-access network changes, DR is responsible for updating all other OSPF routers. BDR monitors the DR of the state and take over its role in the current DR fails.

In the multi-channel access network, there may be multiple routers, a lot of overhead in order to avoid the establishment of full relations between the neighboring routers caused, OSPF required in the region to elect a DR. Each router is fully adjacent relationship with the establishment.

DR is responsible for collecting all the link state information and distribute it to other routers. DR election also elected a BDR, DR at the time of failure, BDR assume the responsibilities of DR. Ad hoc networks do not need DR, because there are only two nodes adjacent to each other completely.


display ip routing-table 查看学习后的路由表,红框框内是OSPF协议下学习到的路由,direct是直连网络。









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