Static and dynamic routing protocols routing protocols (rip and ospf protocol agreement)

A static routing protocol

FIG topological


2 are provided in each router ip address

For example to R1


R1> in

// enter global configuration mode

R1#conf t

// enter the port

int g0/0

// ip address configuration

ip add

int s0/1/0


ip add

3. To add a static route to R1 (respectively destination address, subnet mask, next hop)


4. Set the IP address and subnet mask pc

5. Test ping command


Second, the dynamic routing protocol agreement

1.1 Topology



 1.2 are set to do the same thing IP address to the router


1.3 Configuring the host ip address


1.4rip protocol configuration

# T config Rl 
Rl (config) #router RIP 
Rl (config -router) #network // has several routers connected to this network and there are several Network 
Rl (config -router) #network 
Rl ( config -router) #network 
Rl (config -router) #Version 2

1.5 Test ping command


2.ospf agreement

2.1 Topology


 2.2 ip address configuration (ibid)


2.3 Configuring the host ip address (ditto)


2.4 The ospf


2.5 Test ping command


2.6 Inspection OSPF neighbors and routing information


















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