4. routable protocols and routing protocols

Routable protocol

Routable protocol (Routed Protocol):

  • Format and use of each of the defined packet fields, the data network layer encapsulation
  • Routable protocol is to provide the necessary information for routing protocol algorithm, such as the routing protocol that is routable protocol algorithm to provide information necessary (IP address, etc.) for the purpose of routing protocols with IP routing that IP protocol.
  • Routable protocols: IP protocol

Routing Protocol

Routing protocol (Routing Protocol):

  • Transmission of information between the routers, the route is calculated and the formation of the routing table, the routing protocol to be selected path
  • Router provides a mechanism for heterogeneous networks interconnected to achieve a network sends packet data to another network. The route is to guide the IP packets sent route information . Routing protocol that is routing IP packets are sent to guide the process of pre-agreed rules and standards.
  • Routing Protocol: RIP, OSPF, BGP, IS-IS
  • Map navigation play a responsible role to find a way. It operates at the network layer


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