Routing and Routing Protocols Overview


OSPF (Open Shortest Path First Open Shortest Path First) is an interior gateway protocol (Interior Gateway Protocol, referred IGP), for a single autonomous system (autonomous system, AS) the routing decision.


RIP is the Routing Information Protocol (Routing Information Protocol) short, it is a relatively simple IGP (Interior Gateway Protocol). RIP is a distance vector protocol (Distance-Vector) algorithm, which uses the number (Hop Count) as a measure to measure the hop distance to the destination network. RIP exchanges routing information through UDP packets, port number 520.

RIP includes two versions of RIP-1 and 2 RIP-, RIP-2 RIP-1 Dui been expanded to make it more advantageous.


The classic definition of the autonomous system AS is a set of routers under a single technical administration, these routers use a common protocol and one kind of AS internal routing metric has been determined that the packet routing in the AS, an AS also uses a routing protocol to determine the packet inter-route between the AS.


IGP stands for Interior Gateway Protocol, called the Interior Gateway Protocol, IGP has RIPv1, RIPv2, OSPF, eigrp;
and IGP opposite of EGP, EGP is called Exterior Gateway Protocol , EGP including EGP and BGP, and now no one with EGP, so In fact exterior gateway protocol is only one kind of BGP. Note that the front of the EGP classification, behind the EGP is specific routing protocols, not to confuse the two concepts.
Therefore, the different roles of the two, IGP mainly used in the internal network, BGP is used on the carrier's equipment.

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