.NET platform for rapid development, development efficiency doubled artifact


 Soft power platform for rapid development, rapid information system developed .NET-based integration platform, providing powerful support for enterprise or personal rapid development system itself provides a powerful platform libraries and development kit, developers only need to focus on focus to develop part of the business, greatly improving the efficiency of development.

Improve development efficiency

Soft power is a rapid development framework based on intelligent scalable component-based software system project is the .net platform with a code generator that can help solve .net project 90% of the repeat code.


Code generator

Code generator function module is fairly simple bar, one can understand the basic

Well, take a look at how we use, we generate a template to start from the first entity, configure the look.


Point command in the Edit form templates are ready, proceed step by step like.



Select the workflow data form, click Next.


Function class name, function description, I casually wrote



Due to the use of the template are unified, not very different, anyway, soon to get started.

These are just soft force rapid development platform tip of the iceberg, more surprises function, please move Experience

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