Another way to use Linux source insight of --Samba

Spent some time looking for anything like a source insight in Linux, the Internet was recommended source navigator, kscope and the like, so few colors (maybe not deep settings), also known as syntax highlighting? As for the other class rate / index of not say. A bunch of people on the forum'd recommend vim + xxx way, I guess we just see framed ultraedit + xxx better than almost under the windows source insight. VC do not have to have a command that is Daniel, we do engage in such applications do not go toss.


Nonsense pull away, following steps are mounted in a samba Kubuntu 10.10:


First, install samba software:

sudo apt-get install samba
sudo apt-get install smbfs
sudo apt-get install samba4


Then the user directory permissions set anyone can read / write / run:

chmod 777 / home / <current user> 

Here <current user> is the name of the user currently logged in, each user has a corresponding directory / home, here provided to the user currently logged on.


Adding a user to access the samba, the assumption is samba_user:

sudo useradd samba_user

Password: Do not confuse the operating system password

sudo smbpasswd -a samba_user

Samb this user to the user:

sudo vi /etc/samba/smbusers

Not accustomed to using vi under Ubuntu using the sudo gedit ... under Kubuntu with kdesudo kate ..., plus the following:

samba_user = “network username”

Note samba_user The user can only access from remote, can not log in from this machine.


Then change the settings to allow samba_user access samba / home / <current user> directory

sudo cp /etc/samba/smb.conf /etc/samba/smb.conf_backup
sudo vi /etc/samba/smb.conf

Add in the final surface:


comment = Shared Folder For Samba

path = / home / <current user>

public = yes

writable = yes

valid users = samba_user

create mask = 0700

directory mask = 0700

force user = <current user>

force group = <current user>

available = yes

browseable = yes

After one last check for parameters to restart the service
sudo testparm
sudo restart smbd

Then in the windows where you can search for virtual machines ip, after mapping to find the shared folder, you can partition a disk as the windows to operate. Tried source insight and araxis merge, just like everything in the windows.


The way, many people say the Internet is not good source insight, I see nothing but alignment problem, spend 10 minutes to change the font to Courier New and then the size and scale are changed to "=" enough. Of course source insight is not without fault, if we can do syntax analysis automatically determine the Makefile include paths, etc., it is the perfect ---- dream.



Another: It seems every kubuntu non-normal shutdown, then boot it will not connect, temporary approach is to re-modify the password and then restart samba_user




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