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The this On May look like A Typical SCOOP of ICE Cream, But THESE Flavors the include AN Extra Special Ingredient (particularly the starting material) , Fly Larva E ( fly larvae ) . Of The larvae IS farmed by A South Africa  Animal Feed Company (animal feed company)

but according to Gourmet Grub, a Cape Town company that makes the ice cream, the protein-rich maggots(蛋白质丰富的蛆虫) are good for humans too. 

Here cocoa, honey and the larvae are mixed together in an ice cream making machine. Insects are typically environmentally friendly and sustainable to farm, because they use very little land, water and food to go on. They aren’t at risk of climate change, because you can grow them in a controlled environment. At this market in Cape Town, a couple of adventurous people decided to try out the sweet treat(甜点).

It’s also organic, basically like how you expect like a vegan ice cream maybe to taste. So it’s nothing too unusual for sure, something that can expect people eating quite comfortably. It tastes pretty, tastes like ice cream should taste. A little bit more earthy(泥土味), a little bit more organic taste, but yeah, I’m pretty happy. 

This insect ecologist (昆虫生态学家) agrees fly larvae is nutritious, but he’s not sure he would eat the ice cream. The problem is one culture convincing people that this is something that they should be able to eat. I’m not sure that I would be interested in an ice cream or dairy product made of fly larvae, simply because there’re a number of delicious plant-based alternatives available. And culturally they’re much easier to stomach(不会太反胃).

But Gourmet Grub thinks products like this larvae ice cream are helping to make insect food more acceptable worldwide. I think to insects, a lot of people have mental barriers(心理障碍) associated with that, but the ice cream has played a significant role in helping especially the Western consumers overcome that mental barrier. To all things insects in food.
Deborah Block, VOA News.

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