Open source mirror site summary

Several companies and universities within the open-source mirror sites, containing a variety of software versions and GNU mainstream open-source Linux system.

YORK open mirror sites: <recommended>

FreeBSD | FreeBSD-updates | archlinux | centos | cpan | cygwin | debian | debian-backports | debian-cd | debian-security | fedora | gentoo | gentoo-portage | kdemod | mandriva | openSUSE | plf | rpmfusion | slackware | tinycorelinux | ubuntu | ubuntu-releases

Sohu open mirror sites:

Beijing Jiaotong University: <Education Network recommended>

Lanzhou University: <university FTP search engine Northwest>

Xiamen University:

Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Http://Ftp.Sjtu.Edu.Cn/

Tsinghua University:

  1. <IPv6 only>
  2. <IPv4 only>

Tianjin University:

University of Science and Technology of China: <Education Network, telecommunications, IPv6 address>

  1. <Education Network, Telecommunication>
  2. <IPv6 only>

Southwestern University:

Taian Mobile:

Northeastern University:

Zhejiang University:

Neusoft Institute of Information:

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