Using a router in the network speed control area network

Using a router in the network speed control area network

School recently to front-line teachers are equipped with a laptop computer, and through wired "to" wireless means, using the wireless router so that these notebooks can access the Internet when mathematics building, stretched But this has made broadband unit 30M, the network speed such as ox-cart-like slow, leaders and colleagues are very satisfied. Although nearly 200 machines this wolf little more meat reality is the main reason, but a few comrades do not pay attention, secretly carry out P2P download or online watch high-definition movies, TV shows and other real culprit is the cause of slow speed. If they do not control their thoughts. Even the mention 100M broadband will be of no avail. Units of broadband service providers gave a public IP. I use a wired TP_LINK R860 router forwarding to the public network IP LAN, LAN machines using the IP address of the router DHCP service 192.168.1.X segment assigned automatically, after several frustrating, and ultimately the use of the total route TP-LINK H860 Easy the realization of the control function of the speed of the LAN.

l, in the IE address bar enter the settings page 192168ll Pu Lu TP-LINKR860 routing, user name and password to enter the default admin (or our revised user name and password). Do not use after the land is "Setup Wizard" setup, simply click "IP bandwidth control," click "on IP bandwidth control" to check on its entry, then click "Please select your broadband line type" after drop-down button to choose the appropriate type of broadband, followed by "Please fill the bandwidth of person you are applying for a small" box, you lose a broadband product size multiplied by 1024. (Figure 1)

2, enter the IP address of the segment below the 192.168.1.X box corresponding digital input I have here is 20-60 for the period, mode selection "to limit the maximum bandwidth", the bandwidth size of 5120 (that is, 5 MB bandwidth of 5 by 1024 the product), and finally the "enabled" check box under the item on. This line means that the IP address of the machine 192168.1.20 41 to 192168.1.60 only use a maximum bandwidth of 5M, which is 41 machine if there is the P2P download or watch online movies and television, the maximum can only grab 5M bandwidth, but called other machines will slow down the machine in which 4l, but other IP addresses will not be affected. Then the IP address of the second section is set to follow the previous methods 61 to 100, the first paragraph is set = 101 to 140, the fourth paragraph is set to 141-180, 181-248 to the fifth paragraph. I have here the IP address of the wireless router within 20 are occupied, and the last few side iP address is specified for themselves and their principal leaders of machines, so these machines iP address is not limited. As to why the fourth paragraph and the fifth paragraph only given to 4M, because it is impossible that all my colleagues have a laptop to school every day, this may result in the first three paragraphs are filled every day, but there may be two vacancies, give too much is wasted.

3. In order to prevent somebody else iP address is not the speed limit, in the case of these machines can click open "IP and MAC binding" -ARP mapping table, not the speed limit to find the IP address, such as:, click it behind the "import", then select the "static ARP binding settings" item, click the "ARP binding" item to "enable", then the leaders over the IP address binding then, the last point "save" button (FIG. 2 and FIG. 3)

4, click "Tools" - restart the router, click the "Restart Router" button to restart the router, the LAN will be able to control the speed of the machine. (FIG. 4)

5, because of long power router might crash, but about half a minute off the power and then electricity will be able to resume normal use, for which we can prepare a timer switch (also called control switch). Provided timer switch off the night l o'clock, 4 o'clock energized. Turn off the power by using the timer switch, so that in time of no access "rest" look. And will re-assign IP addresses after the router reboot, which would make the machine after a reboot every day using different IP addresses.

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