Renren open source code

Backend source code:

git clone [email protected]:renrenio/renren-fast.git

Front-end source code:

git clone [email protected]:renrenio/renren-fast-vue.git

Automatically generate source code:

git clone [email protected]:renrenio/renren-generator.git

About renren-fast-vue npm npm error reporting

2. Execute the command in the cmd window

npm rebuild node-sass

npm uninstall node-sass

npm i node-sass --sass_binary_site=

npm install

 Download python3.0 and python2.0 and add them to environment variables

Note that none of the previous ones will work.

Ultimate solution:

1 node environment should be 14

Record the npm install error of the renren-fast-vue project

  • Clone the project and delete the .git in the project

  • Modify package.json content

    "chromedriver": "85.0.1",
    "node-sass": "4.14.1",
  • Run npm install again under the project

  • npm run dev run the project

If you have already run npm install and reported an error, delete the node_modules folder before proceeding.


 Modify the database name, username and password that need to be generated

 Fill in complete information 


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