Douyin seo source code, source code construction, support for two open (open source) systems

Douyin seo source code, Douyin seo system, Douyin search ranking, source code system development

Scenario: The recognized video publishing function is a must, not to mention smart editing and smart customer service, as an important part of fan conversion in the product is also essential

Douyin seo source code development, that is, some interfaces involved in the Douyin search ranking, keyword authority, comment reply authority, video publishing authority, etc. Douyin seo source code deployment needs to be connected to these formal interfaces before development


 Why is there search engine optimization in Douyin? Many people should ask, how can there be search engine optimization in Douyin? In Douyin, seo is called short video search engine ranking optimization. The main logic is actually to use keywords to layout, to Radiation's Douyin search weight on the short video platform.

At present, some new corporate crm management systems are being optimized, and the technical logic is set up with a simple organizational structure of the company, and the function of synchronous technology updates: 1 Intelligent reception 2 Fan list conversion 3 User interaction behavior records 4 Copywriting library automatic jump 5 Behavior dynamic tracking Optimize video keywords, optimize keywords well, and you will be able to search first when others search in the Douyin search bar

When doing Douyin SEO, the verticality of the account will also affect the final ranking of Douyin. After the Douyin account has determined the account type, when posting content, it should release relevant video content, and cannot post some irrelevant content, so as to ensure the verticality of the account, not only to increase the weight of the account, but also to improve the Account ranking also helps a lot.

 6. Keyword selection

No matter what kind of platform SEO you do, you need to choose keywords, and Douyin SEO is no exception. When choosing Douyin SEO keywords, it is best to select some on a large scale first, then use some auxiliary tools to screen and classify these keywords, and finally retain some meaningful keywords for ranking.

7. Keyword layout

After the keywords are determined, it is necessary to arrange the keywords reasonably in Douyin. When laying out keywords in Douyin, keywords can be reasonably arranged in the title and description of the video. When users search for related keywords, the video will be displayed in front of the user's eyes, which will also get more of hits. But it should be noted that when publishing video content, the video content must match the keywords, which will not only reduce the bounce rate of the video, but also be more conducive to keyword ranking.

8. The uniqueness of the content

When doing Douyin SEO, if you want to make the video content stand out from the competition, you need to ensure the uniqueness of the video content. Because only unique content can better attract users' attention and get more clicks, so as to get more benefits.

9. Know Your Competitors

When doing Douyin SEO, it is also necessary to understand competitors in detail and analyze competitors in detail. Only in this way can we clearly know which parts of competitors are doing well and which parts are not doing well. And what we do well, we can learn from it and use it in our Douyin SEO, so that we can stand out from the competition.

10. Interact with users

When doing Douyin SEO, interacting with users is also a very important link. After publishing the content on Douyin, it is necessary to actively interact with users, so as to ensure the popularity of the video, which is also of great help to the ranking.
source code: 

     * Create engineering project
    public function createProjectAction() {         $this->useLayout('dydqtshoppc-head.html');         $id = $this->request->getIntParam('id');

        $video_model    = new App_Model_Douyin_MysqlVideoStorage();
        $video_info     = $video_model->getRowByIdSid($id, $this->sid);
        $use_platform   = empty($video_info['dv_use_platform']) ? [] : json_decode($video_info['dv_use_platform'], 1);

        if (!empty($video_info)) {
            $video_cfg  = empty($video_info['dv_platform']) ? null : json_decode($video_info['dv_platform'], 1);

        //Video mixed cutting mode
        $video_mixed_mode = plum_parse_config('project_mixed_mode','dydqt/project');

        $this->output['video_info']     = $video_info;
        $this->output['use_platform']   = $use_platform;
        $this->output['video_cfg']      = empty($video_cfg) ? null : $video_cfg;
        $this->output['video_mixed_mode']   = $video_mixed_mode;
        $this->output['font_map']   = (new App_Plugin_Ffmpeg_VideoPlugin())->getFontMap();
        $color_list = plum_parse_config('color_list', 'config');
        $this->output['color_list'] = $color_list;
        $huoshan_vcn    = plum_parse_config('hsyq_vcn', 'system');
        $tencent_vcn    = plum_parse_config('txy_vcn', 'system');
        $this->output['audio_vcn']  = empty($tencent_vcn) ? $huoshan_vcn : $tencent_vcn;
        $this->output['platform_list']  = plum_parse_config('platform_list', 'dydqt/project');

     * Add/edit video
    public function addVideoAction(){         $this->useLayout('dydqtshoppc-head.html');         $id = $this->request->getIntParam('id');

        //Get video information
        $Video_model = new App_Model_Douyin_MysqlVideoStorage();
        $video_info = $Video_model->getRowByIdSid($id, $this->sid);

        //Video mixed cutting mode
        $video_mixed_mode = plum_parse_config('project_mixed_mode','dydqt/project');

        $this->output['video_info']     = $video_info;
        $this->output['video_mixed_mode']   = $video_mixed_mode;
     * 保存工程配置
    public function saveItemConfigAction() {         $dv_id  = $this->request->getIntParam('dv_id');         unset($_REQUEST['q']);         unset($_REQUEST['dv_id']);         //获取视频信息         $video_model    = new App_Model_Douyin_MysqlVideoStorage();         $video_info     = $video_model->getRowByIdSid($dv_id,$this->sid);             $this->displayJsonError('parameter error');         if (empty($video_info)) {

        $curr_platform  = json_decode($video_info['dv_platform'], 1);
        $curr_platform  = is_null($curr_platform) ? [] : $curr_platform;
        if (isset($_REQUEST['a_vcn'])) {

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