ChatGPT system source code, full open source support second open!

ChatGPT is one of the large language models developed, with multi-domain knowledge, and can provide personalized, accurate and interesting answers, whether it is in entertainment, education or work, it can help us solve problems, obtain information and provide advice.

Technology Architecture

Use the popular technology stack PHP8, TypeScript, ThinkPHP6, Vue3, vite2, Element Plus1.2 (ElementUI). Background management system, background management framework, PHP management background, ThinkPHP management background, front-end and back-end separation management background, Vue3 management background, Vue.js management background, ElementUI management background.

Full function of the system

  • Full support for each terminal, data synchronization: WeChat public account, H5, WeChat applet, PC client, PC management background (adaptive mobile terminal) are supported, and it is expected to connect with Douyin applet (convenient for drainage), Android APP, Apple APP , the desktop client (Windows+Mac installation package) will be launched in the future, which will be more convenient for users and have a higher retention rate.

  • Provide AI solutions for industries: GPT has been applied in many industries and has become a trusted partner of enterprises

Office software: AI helps to do PPT, make tables, and write codes, setting off a revolution in worker efficiency

Social Entertainment: Multimodal AI. Bring efficiency revolution to game entertainment, film and television creation

Marketing and advertising: digital employees attack business wars, do customer service, write copywriting, and analyze data

Traditional industries: Let AI empower your business to double efficiency and reduce costs

  • AI dialogue: ultra-fast answering speed, unlimited new dialogues (convenient for users to classify and ask questions), examples of custom questions in the background

  • Super Creation King: Custom creation theme, each theme can be configured with associated super forms (input boxes, radio boxes, check boxes, text boxes, etc.), guide users to input content that fits the theme, and maximize AI's answers ability

  • Role-playing function: Customize keywords in the background, let AI play interesting roles such as psychological tutor, fitness consultant, virtual girlfriend, virtual boyfriend, etc.

  • AI large language model: supports GPT3.5, GPT4.0, api2d3.5, api2d4.0, ChatGLM (Tsinghua University), and will soon support large language models such as Xinghuo Cognition, Wenxin Yiyan, Tongyi Qianwen, and Tiangong.

  • Key pool management: support multi-key polling, balance query, balance alarm

  • Global instructions: Support global instructions, which can guide AI to avoid certain specific answer content through global instructions

  • GPT model tuning: Support setting the total number of contexts, maximum number of replies, random attributes, vocabulary attributes, topic attributes, repeat attributes, etc. tuning parameters

  • Anti-proxy: support configuration of anti-proxy for easy access to GPT models

  • AI painting model: supports Zhishuyun MJ, GPT3.5, api2d3.5, Yijian AI, SD, Midjourney official, Lingxi Xinghuo. It has supported to generate pictures from pictures! The picture is generated quickly, and there is no need to wait in line for half a day.

  • Sensitive word filtering, content review: three-level filtering means. The system has a built-in sensitive word library + manual addition of sensitive words in the background + Baidu text review, super filtering capabilities, and prevent fish that slip through the net. Legal compliance, long-term operation.

  • Guest mode: In guest mode, users can initiate conversations without logging in, which can greatly improve retention rates.

  • Payment methods: support WeChat jsapi (on-site payment), native (scan code payment), H5 payment (off-site payment). Alipay supports payment within WeChat, QR code scanning and H5 payment. Will soon support WeChat service providers, remittance payment, tiger pepper payment, and easy payment.

  • Number of recharges: The background supports flexible creation of recharge packages, setting the default recommended recharge amount, and supports closing the entrance.

  • Open membership: the background supports the flexible creation of various memberships, and supports the closing of entrances. Customize member prices and benefits, set daily conversation limit and drawing limit for different members. In the future, it will support separately distinguishing GPT4.0 charges and separately distinguishing drawing membership charges.

  • Member return coupons: When the user opens the membership interface and is about to leave, no matter whether he cancels the payment or closes the payment window, a window will pop up to remind the gift coupon, which will stimulate the user to become a member, and the initial calculation will increase the payment rate by at least 30% (highlight function).

  • System distribution: support multi-level distribution, and customize the distribution ratio in the background. Support everyone distribution, apply for distribution. Will soon support the purchase of distribution qualifications (important promotion methods, highlight functions).

  • Registration Rewards: You can set whether to give the number of conversations and drawing times when the user registers.

  • Sharing rewards: You can set the number of times users share each day, the number of conversations and the number of drawings for each sharing reward.

  • Invitation rewards: You can set the number of daily invitations for users, the number of dialogues and the number of paintings rewarded for each invitation

  • Commission cash withdrawal: support WeChat change account, Alipay transfer, QR code cash withdrawal, bank card number cash withdrawal. The cash withdrawal method can be opened at any time in the background.

  • Card exchange: channel promotion method. It supports the number of exchange conversations, the number of drawings, and the exchange of various members. Channel distribution is a good helper.

  • Voice input: It will support direct voice input of questions that need to be asked without typing, improving user experience.

  • Voice broadcast: It will soon support the conversion of AI answer content into voice broadcast, and users can choose super anchors, male voices, female voices, dialects and other different timbres.

  • Dialogue download: It will soon support downloading and saving dialogue content as Word and Excel.

  • Share posters: support for generating dialogue posters and distribution invitation posters. All posters can be visually decorated in the background.

  • Article help: Article information guides users to use AI system functions reasonably to increase membership payment rate. The background supports the release of various tutorials and latest information to enhance user stickiness.

  • Feedback: Support users to submit product questions and product suggestions through the feedback function.

  • Decoration management: support visual page decoration (personal center, member center, customer service settings, etc.), visual bottom navigation settings, system style settings (technical blue, greenish blue, fantasy purple, advanced yellow, custom colors).

  • Financial Center: The background financial module lists in detail the accumulated income amount, accumulated orders, recharge amount, membership amount, refund amount, remaining conversation times, remaining drawing times and other indicators, making promotion costs and income more transparent.

  • Storage settings: Support multiple storage solutions, local storage, Qiniu cloud storage, Aliyun oss, Tencent cloud cos.

  • System one-click update: bid farewell to manually overwriting files, and manually compare data structure upgrades. One-click upgrade directly in the background, easy operation and maintenance.

  • One-click publishing of small programs: the background can release, review, generate trial version QR codes, and view update records for small programs with one click.

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