Summary of the leadership class on Monday morning [Chapter 2]

I recently saw a post saying that people with technical blogs can increase their salary by 30% during the interview. Out of selfishness, I also want to make a summary of the idea. From today I started to write a summary of the problems I read or encountered, and recorded them.

Today watched chapters 1-3 of the leadership class on Monday morning. Chapter

1 Passengers and Drivers The protagonist of the
story is a manager-level manager who has encountered some problems in management. question, seek Tony's help.

Chapter 2 Important Things No. 1
P22 "When something unexpected happens, you have two choices, one is to become a victim, and the other is to actively deal with it and make continuous progress." Decision-making in any matter is very important, No matter it is the decision of the team or the decision of the things you encounter, you must always maintain a positive attitude, which is also the positive energy now!

P24 "One thing, just one thing, you persevere in doing that one event, nothing else matters" / P25 "Put all your energy and attention in the moment on the few most important things. "On important things" tells us that anyone in any occupation needs to have a dedicated event to do one thing well. This concept is also clearly explained in Drucker's book, remember It is mentioned in Time Management for Managers in Effective Managers. Ten 1-hour time segments are definitely not as efficient as one full time as a child. To apply a slogan, it is more professional because of focus!

P26 "What should your subordinates do? Why don't you ask them what is the most important thing?" For the team, the team also has the first priority, but this first priority must be recognized by the team. Agree with Target Marching! The goal of our team? KPIs? Lately I'll get team members together to tell me what our team goals are.

P27 "Team members leave because their bosses can't meet their needs" First of all, you need to know what your team members really want? For knowledge workers, improving their skills is what they want, but many people just think "I want to improve", but how to improve? Or how to help him improve? Let the employee know that you really want to help him, so that a win-win outcome can be achieved. Jack Ma also mentioned, why do employees leave? There is no reason, it's just that the staff are not doing well!

P29 "Find out what specific expectations he has of you, and clearly tell him your specific expectations" Again Drucker, his book also mentioned that pure top-down communication is meaningless, so let Subordinates know what you expect from him and what he expects from you. Only when they have proper communication and figure out what they can do can they achieve a win-win situation.

Some thoughts on
our team 1. What is the main thing of our team? Next time, we can organize everyone to discuss this issue
2. How to let our team do the work that everyone can focus on? Reduce feedback? How much feedback is there?
3. The cultivation of subordinates, continue to follow up the reading of our team
4. Self-improvement, read books with Pengfei

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