space clock

1. Subject requirements

Create a team blog, you can designate a classmate's blog, and all the assignments will be posted on the classmate's blog - on (it is recommended to use the captain's blog)
to discuss collectively among the team members, and vote for one of the team types we have talked about. The cooperation method adopted
Determine the team topic, the scope and source of the topic should preferably come from the actual scene
Use the NABCD Model to explain the rationality of the team project topic selection
Determine the team development technology, including language, tools, framework, etc.

2. Team introduction

Team leader: Wang Junhong
Team members: He Cong, Geng Yangyang, Lei Jian, Qin Bin
Team mode selection:
     Most of the skills of our team are similar, and although there are some gaps in the division of labor in the project, they all help each other and learn together, so we Choosing the team mode is a secret team type. The advantages of this team type are: there is great freedom within the team, there is no external interference, and team members have great input. The team members have their own division of labor and also cooperate with each other.

3. Project introduction

1. The topic is determined

     What is an alarm clock? I believe that everyone immediately thinks of the mobile phone, wakes us up, reminds us not to forget some important things. This is an alarm clock in the traditional sense of time. I believe this is used by everyone to remind us to do some important things regularly. We found that the current alarm clocks are basically only time alarm clocks, but there is no pure space alarm clock. , the so-called alarm clock in space is to remind us to do the corresponding things when we arrive at certain specific places. This will make our life more convenient.

2. Design inspiration

     Our design inspiration comes from some situations encountered in daily life. These situations are mainly concentrated in the long-distance driving. I believe that many people are sitting on the bus alone, or when the bus exceeds 20 minutes, dozing will always suddenly accompany us, or when focusing on something, this often happens In addition, even if we have strong self-control, we need to constantly pay attention to whether we have reached the destination when we are riding, which will make our hearts very annoying. , especially when we’re sleeping, when we need our space alarm clock so we can focus on what we need without worrying about missing our destination.
     From the perspective of the driver, we will also encounter some different situations. For example, we are going to a relatively vague place, where we only know the approximate place, and we are not very close. For example, the driver is A driver from Liaoyang is coming to a specific place in Shenyang to do something. He only knows how to get there within a radius of about five kilometers, so that our space alarm clock can work again, and we can start at the beginning. We can make a space alarm clock in the place, we can remind him within the corresponding range from the destination, and turn on the navigation system of some map software at the same time, which can avoid us being distracted to operate the mobile phone while driving, so as not to be distracted. It is beneficial to the safety of the driver, especially for some impatient people, who can operate the mobile phone while driving without finding a safe place. In addition, the alarm clock in the space has many uses. Some gifts you bring to your friends on your journey will not be brought to your destination due to a momentary negligence at the time, so you need to return to send them again, which is very delay. time. Due to our technical problems we can only improve the function of this alarm clock as much as possible.

Fourth, the competitive needs analysis framework (NABCD Model)

     With the development of society, fast rhythm has entered our life. In this fast-paced era, we need more and more to relax our spirits and make our lives more convenient. Although most of the software is more or less involved, but no one has independently isolated it. We believe that this software is suitable for most people with low heads, those who have important things and want to rest, after all, we From the moment we get on the bus, we have to be concerned about the problem of not being able to get off the bus. It seems to be nothing, but in fact, it will not let our spirits rest. In addition, from a development point of view, we can also develop many new functions to make our users more convenient and comfortable.
     In terms of publicity, we plan to start from the side. After all, most students come here from across provinces or cities. Compared with those who buy tickets, if they have such a software, they don't have to pay attention to it all the time. website, so that you can do what you want with confidence, such as watching your favorite movies, and if it is easy to use, we can promote it on a large scale. After all, such software is not very big, and it does not require anything. Just a more beneficial thing for your own time planning.

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