The first independent use of a large unmanned ship to record logs—day 3

1. The industrial computer is not started

     Manufacturers Dr. Hu and Dr. Wu started repairs at noon. First, the problem of yesterday reappeared, and then tried again with their own computer. The problem was the same, then the problem must be on the ship; suspected that the industrial computer did not start, restart the UPS, still If there is a problem, open the large rectangular hatch in the middle and check the industrial computer. Use the keyboard and mouse to connect to the industrial computer, and found that the industrial computer is stuck in the middle of the startup. It is said that the hard disk has a problem and needs to be repaired.

    Untitled 1.png

      After the industrial computer is started, the computer can control the ship and send the throttle and track normally. From the speed in the status bar, it can be seen that the throttle is sent successfully, but the throttle parameter cannot be updated in the status bar. The throttle is always 0.0%. Dr. Hu put the switch function of the lidar on the main interface, but there is still a problem: for example, if there is a fault when the lidar is turned off, the fault cannot be cleared; in order to ensure the lidar is normal, you can first Retreat to the water area without obstacles, and then close it, you can manually control it. Dr. Hu continued to solve the problem that the remaining obstacles could not be removed after the lidar was turned off.

    If the upgrade fails, return to yesterday's state. In order to ensure the normal lidar, you can first return to the water without obstacles, and then close it, you can manually control it. There is a delay of opening and closing, about 1 minute.

2. Everything is normal

    The equipment is finally working properly.

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3. Stranded

    Because there is a headland between the north side of the survey area and the antenna, I moved home once and moved to the headland.

    When I was surveying the shore today, I accidentally went into the reef pile. When I came back, I found some damage, so it's best to do it when the weather is good. Even if you run into something or run aground, there will be no danger. 

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 Asked the charterer for talcum powder, resin, coagulant and strengthening agent, ready to make up the ship

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4. Find a place to release the ship

 1) The best is the dock, the crane can pass

2) The closer to the measurement area, the better, not more than 10km

3) There is no obstruction between the antenna and the ship

After running for an afternoon, I found a nearby big pier, but it was 8km away from the measurement area, which was a long distance away. Later, I found a sluice on the tidal embankment. It was okay at high tide. But the low tide does not work.

Untitled 5.png

This place can only be in and out of the high tide, and the time between the two high tides is 12 hours, it must be dark, so it is not feasible, it seems that you still have to go to the big pier, you can come back at any time. Now it’s a long distance, we have to rent a boat to pull the unmanned boat to the measurement area, and then use the computer to control it, and then find a boat near the big pier, and make an appointment to leave at 6 o’clock tomorrow morning

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5. A bad day

  This morning, the boat was hoisted out of the dam, and then led to the charter with a rope, and towed to the measurement area. Because the UPS can only be activated with the remote control when it is charging, this is really a speechless setting. Later, on the shore, the generator was connected to the ship with a cable, and the UPS was started with the remote control. Now that I think about it, this is wrong, the steps should be like this:

1) First turn on the bottom battery switch on the shore to establish contact with the remote control, if not, restart the switch

2) Then hoist the ship into the water and charge the UPS to the ship’s electricity

3) The remote control starts the generator

4) The remote control starts the UPS (the remote control can only start the UPS remotely in the charging state)

When the tide reaches the plateau, start to work. Because the water is relatively shallow, some places may be held up, but most of them are waded. This will cause the garbage on the seabed to be entangled on the main shaft of the propeller. After about 2 hours of work , The communication was interrupted. I sailed and looked at the ship. I found that the engine had stalled, emitting black smoke, and blackened the cabin, the exhaust pipe of the engine was broken, the fresh water tank on the engine was also dry, and the cabin was also dry. Water entered, it may be poured in from the smoke outlet,

click to see the work

It was found that the small place where the hull crashed before was ticking. Shanghai University said that water may have leaked from the fiberglass hull, and it should not have leaked from the cabin. Fortunately, the engine and generator can still be turned on. Later, the shipyard communicated and needed major maintenance. I checked the equipment compartment and it was also blacked out. The UPS charger failed and could not be turned on. I checked the multi-beam/sonar and there was no problem. , It seems that tomorrow must be towed by a boat, and an external generator will be used to energize the equipment to finish the work.

6. Treatment effect

Use caris software to process the collected multi-beam data. Compared with a single beam, the effect of multi-beam is very obvious. For example, the tidal channel in the figure below is clearly visible on the multi-beam. If it is a single beam, it needs to be judged by combining multiple survey lines.




Untitled 6.png


The main problem of the multi-beam of the unmanned ship is: the generated small grid (1-2m), the beam attitude is unstable, which may be caused by the unmanned ship shaking frequently and the attitude data is not updated in time, but the large grid The net effect (5-10m) is not bad, as shown in the figure below:

Untitled 7.png

7. Summary

      This experience of independently operating an unmanned ship gave us a basic grasp of the use of this unmanned ship, and the lesson is also quite profound: before we encountered a diesel engine and avoided it, now we must take the initiative to understand it and monitor its status. , Will make a reasonable response based on the situation. Under the tide of unmanned and intelligent, mastering and using unmanned equipment is a quality that our marine practitioners must possess. Not only must they be able to use them, but also be able to participate in the baptism of the new wave. For more information, see xiaok surveying and mapping network

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