Travis CI no longer provides free services for open source projects

Recently, foreign developers discovered that Travis CI no longer provides free credits for open source projects. Travis CI officially responded to this move because of the decision of the operation management. Whether it will resume free support for open source projects in the future is still unknown.

Travis CI is a continuously integrated managed service. It has been integrated in Github before and supports projects developed in most mainstream programming languages. Developers can use the Travis CI build environment to provide a variety of different runtimes for different languages, such as multiple versions of Ruby, PHP, Node.js, etc. At the same time, it also provides a variety of databases and common tools, such as messaging middleware. Users can easily test projects in one or multiple languages ​​or even multiple database environments.

Travis CI was originally divided into two versions, paid and free, for private projects, and for all free and open source (OSS) projects, free Credits were provided. In January last year, Travis CI was acquired by Idera . Although the official promised to continue to provide free services for open source projects at the time, it has now changed its business strategy.

Industry insiders pointed out that since GitHub launched its own CI service Actions, Travis CI's market space has been continuously compressed, and it is inevitable to change its business strategy. But the move to abandon a large number of open source project user groups is indeed questionable.

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