You do not know already put into operation the intelligent gas station!

  Ma earlier launched the first domestic unmanned convenience store "Benko box", a lot of people in the crowd salesman about to lose their jobs. Later, Ma has signed with Sinopec, PetroChina strategic cooperation agreement to jointly launch do not line up, no hands, no billing, no cashier, no more cash intelligent gas station, gas station attendants are also facing the risk of unemployment. Had deep feeling, this era is changing so fast, you never know what will happen the next second!

  Meanwhile, Ma Ma's first smart card to establish a gas station in Hangzhou. It is now a far cry from the gas station: Go, come on, pay, leave, a waiter is not rooting for you, do not you find a cashier to collect the money. Throughout the refueling process, you do not even need to get off, do not need to tighten the fuel tank cap, everything can be done by artificial intelligence.

  Ma gas station smart card operating process is as follows:

  1, car entry, automatic license plate recognition. What kind of car you drive, Taobao account which should add any oil, automatic reading identification (required in advance Taobao or Alipay Binding of the vehicle and license plate)!;

  2, to complete the parking box in FIG camera pinpoint vehicle position;

  3, equipped with an infrared camera "robot" (a robotic arm) automatically help you open the oil cap; 4, automatic selection of gasoline fuel oil over tighten the oil plug off oil cover; 5, directly away, from Alipay or Taobao account automatic debit.

  You did not misread Oh, things smart card applications at the gas station is so convenient. Of course, with such intelligent gas station, they will reduce the amount of labor costs, so that more fuel efficient, domestic oil prices are also expected to decline, and the mass of consumers will be the ultimate gainers.

  The advent of every age, would "sacrifice" a group of people, groups of people will be fulfilled. I hope that we can seize the development trend of the times things, finding the right opportunities.

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